Performance Support Tools – 12 Examples On How Job Aids Can Support Your Corporate Training

This eBook provides the basics of what Performance Support Tools (PSTs or Job-aids) are and why you should use them to support your formal training, then touch upon the benefits they offer to both the learners and the organizations.

According to the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development, we learn:

  • 70 percent from on job experiences (experiential learning).
  • 20 percent from interactions with others (social learning).
  • 10 percent from formal training (structured learning).

While the exact ratio of how we learn may be debatable, what is evident is that the L&D teams need to go beyond the focus on 10% of formal training and must align their learning strategies to encompass the need for informal learning.

Performance Support Tools (also referred to as learning or job aids) can be used to supplement formal training and address this need. You can integrate them into your learning strategy and see the “performance changing” gains accrue. This eBook shows you exactly how you can achieve this mandate.

eBook Overview

  1. Section 1: Basics

    This section provides basic information on what Performance Support Tools or PSTs are and how they differ from training. It also addresses a related question if PSTs can replace training.

  2. Section 2: Benefits

    This section outlines the benefits of using the Performance Support Tools or PSTs for the learners and the organizations. It also touches upon related aspects including their impact on the bottom line as well as how they can help enhance employee performance.

  3. Section 3: Application

    This section showcases the ways through which Performance Support Tools or PSTs can be used in a workplace. More specifically, it outlines how you can integrate them in your learning strategy.

  4. Section 4: Examples

    This section provides practical illustrations on how exactly you can use PSTs in the workplace. It includes 12 examples (in diverse formats) and how they can be used.

  5. Section 5: Further possibilities

    This section outlines what more can be achieved through a sustained use of PSTs in the workplace.

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