Microlearning In Action – Tips, Techniques, And Examples On How To Use It To Drive Employee Performance

This eBook provides insights on how you can leverage microlearning to enhance the impact of your corporate training.

While the primary trigger for the adoption of Microlearning was the need to meet the challenge of diminishing attention spans, this is not the only factor in its favor. As we see a change in the pattern of how learners want to learn, Microlearning based training provides a great way to match the learners’ preferences to learn.

  • It resonates with learners on account of the fact that it can be consumed on the go, and it will help them achieve a specific learning goal.
  • In a world where we need to multi-task all the time, Microlearning based training can be consumed in the midst of other commitments.

In this eBook, I outline how you can practically adopt Microlearning to drive employee performance.

eBook Overview

  1. Microlearning Fundamentals

    – What is Microlearning?
    – How “micro” can you go with Microlearning?
    – What is not Microlearning?
    – Microlearning sounds a lot like the just-in-time learning of the past; what are the differences?
    – What is the magic of Microlearning?
    – What are the benefits of Microlearning?
    – Does the wider adoption of Microlearning mean the demise of Macrolearning or traditional eLearning?

  2. Using Microlearning To Drive Employee Performance

    – How can Microlearning offset modern L&D challenges?
    – How can you put Microlearning into action and drive employee performance?
    – How can you determine if Microlearning will work?
    – How can you use Microlearning to train your multi-generational workforce?
    – When should you not use Microlearning?
    – Which corporate trainings can be addressed through Microlearning?

  3. Microlearning In Action

    – What are the Microlearning trends you should watch out for and adopt?
    – Examples on how you can use Microlearning to drive employee performance.

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