Microlearning: How Can You Create Macro Impact With Micro Nuggets

Gain insights on what is Microlearning and why this approach should be a significant part of your learning strategy. See how you can incorporate it in your training to offset challenges of dwindling attention spans and distractions, plus see a positive impact on your ROI.

While the concept of content chunking to create short trainings has been there for decades, Microlearning is the flavour of the season and for several good reasons.

Through this eBook, we provide several insights on Microlearning and why this should be a significant part of your learning strategy. We have structured the eBook into the following 7 sections that would address the complete spectrum of your queries.

eBook Overview

  1. Relevance of Microlearning Today

    Gain insights on why Microlearning is the flavor of the season and how you can use it to offset several challenges (including dwindling attention spans, distractions, and other challenges that L&D teams face today).

  2. Microlearning Basics

    Understand the basics of Microlearning approach and gain answers to your related queries on what it can do (or cannot do).

  3. Microlearning Benefits

    Gain insights on how your learners and businesses can benefit from Microlearning.

  4. Is Microlearning Right for You?

    Get an understanding on how can you determine if Microlearning would work for you.

  5. Application of Microlearning

    Get to know how you can apply Microlearning based training for all types of corporate trainings. Look at several examples to see the impact this can create for your learners and business.

  6. Design and Deployment of Microlearning

    Gain insights on the process you can use to design an effective Microlearning strategy and the innovative formats that you can pick from to deploy your training.

  7. Impact of Microlearning and What More Is Possible

    See how Microlearning will impact your training ROI positively and what more can be integrated into your Microlearning strategy to double the impact of your training.

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