eBook 10 Steps To Building A Learning Organization

2020 was the year of digital transformation when companies moved from the entrenched, face-to-face model of doing most everything to a diametrically opposite, all-virtual format.

The ripples of this tectonic shift were felt across all functions, and L&D was no exception. It resulted in a renewed and almost feverish quest for devising new approaches. Developing new formats and defining new rules became a significant focus.

While digitalization empowered learners, the disruptions put them firmly in the driver’s seat. As businesses emphasized the importance of skilling, reskilling, and upskilling, L&D teams have explored ways to take learner-centricity to the next level.

If there is any single takeaway from the past few years, it is that no longer can learning be considered an activity. Learning is more akin to culture, continuously evolving. In any organization, the onus is on the L&D teams to drive, instill, and nurture this culture of learning.

This journey from traditional training models to a dynamic culture of learning has reshaped the narrative of L&D, steering it towards a future where adaptability, innovation, and learner-centricity reign supreme. Download this eBook to help your team find new ideas and chart new learning journeys.

eBook Overview:

  1. Ingraining everyday learning in the workplace
  2. Strategies to enrich learning in the workplace and ensure lifelong learning
  3. Proven ways to deepen learner engagement
  4. Formal and informal learning to bring in behavioral changes
  5. Methods to continually enhance employee performance

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