How Gamification Is Reshaping Corporate Training – Featuring 10 examples

This eBook provides several insights on the usage of Gamification for serious learning and how you can use it for your diverse corporate training needs to increase employee engagement and boost performance.

Usage of Gamification for corporate training (particularly for serious learning that is, meeting specific learning outcomes) is more than a buzz today.

In its journey and evolution over the last five years, Gamification has become a significant part of organisational learning strategy and is clearly reshaping corporate training.

Through this eBook, we provide several pointers on how you can use Gamification for your varied corporate training needs. It also provides insights on why it should be a part of your learning strategy.

eBook Overview

  1. Section 1: Gamification Basics

    This section covers the definition and benefits of using Gamification in corporate training.

  2. Section 2: Gamification for Serious Learning

    This section explores crucial aspects like:
    • Is Gamification only fun and does not lead to learning?
    • Can it truly impact and enhance learning?

  3. Section 3: Gamification in Corporate Training

    This section outlines usage of Gamification in various areas of corporate training. It showcases how you can use it to engage your employees and boost performance.

  4. Section 4: Validating the Suitability of Gamification in Corporate Training

    This section looks at aspects that are on top of your mind (particularly, when you look at integrating it for the first time). These include aspects like impact of Gamification vis-à-vis traditional eLearning strategies and suitability of Gamification to meet training needs.

  5. Section 5: Examples of Gamification in Corporate Training

    In this section, I pick a range of examples that show the evolution or maturity of usage of Gamification for corporate training. My examples how you how you can apply it – from entry level partial Gamification, to Game-based/Gamified concepts and thereafter to the next-gen Gamified portals that integrate Social Learning and Microlearning techniques.

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