Getting Ahead of the Curve – Futureproofing Corporate Training With Learning And Performance Consulting

This eBook provides insights on why you should capitalize on Learning and Performance Consulting to plan the course of a successful Virtual Training Transformation.

Toward the second half of 2020, many L&D teams began to evaluate the impact and value of the Virtual Training Transformation they had undertaken. Many have realized that “delivering training remotely or virtually” does not necessarily equal “effective remote learning” that the employees seek.

As the planning for 2021 commences, there is a clear need to re-evaluate the options taken and arrive at a long-term blueprint for the corporate training delivery. While a lot may have changed in the shadow of the pandemic, the need to create and execute a learning strategy that has a real impact on learner behavior and business outcomes remains unchanged.

This eBook is designed to help you in this journey. Given the challenges and uncertainty expected in 2021, there is a clear need to invest on Learning and Performance Consulting as you chart the course of your Virtual Training Transformation. This support will enable you to create continuous learning that:

  • Delivers improved learner engagement.
  • Creates a stronger link between Learning and Performance.
  • Enables you to measure the impact on learner behavior and business.
  • Helps you select the right technology ecosystem.
eBook Overview:

Section 1 – Learning During the Pandemic and the Changed Expectations from the L&D Teams

This section talks about the uncertainty created by the pandemic and the increased demand for digital learning from remote learners – what remote learners seek and what L&D teams must deliver. It outlines the changed expectations from L&D teams and what they must deliver due to the changed workplace dynamics. It provides pointers on how L&D teams must relook at their strategy to deliver training remotely – with a comparison of the traditional contribution areas (L&D) vs the expectations in the changed dynamics (L&D 2.0).

Section 2 – Adopting Approaches to Address the New Normal

This section lists the new goal sheet for the L&D teams. Given the changed workplace dynamics, the L&D teams must adopt approaches to address the new normal – It lists out focus areas that emerge with respect to the changed workplace dynamics that L&D need to look out for in 2021.

Section 3 – Leveraging Learning and Performance Consulting to Futureproof Training

Improving employee performance is an ongoing effort in every organization and today, more than ever, they seek measures to ensure that their investments in training deliver business results. This section highlights the clear need to invest on Learning and Performance Consulting services to address this challenge. It also explains the various components of the Learning and Performance Ecosystem, which offers specific strategies to support L&D teams to manage the needs and expectations of the learners and business.

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