COVID-19: Tips, Strategies, Αnd Αn Action Plan To Handle The Training In The Changed Workplace Dynamics

This eBook is packed with insights and ideas you can use as you realign your learning strategies and online training delivery.

While the overall impact of COVID-19 is still unfolding (on each one of us, business, and the global economy), it is clearly redefining the workplace, the way training needs to be delivered, and how its impact and effectiveness should be measured.

In this eBook, COVID-19 – Survival Guide for L&D Teams – Featuring Tips, Strategies, and an Action Plan to Handle the Challenge, I put myself in the shoes of the L&D Managers and Leaders and look at what can be done in these extraordinary circumstances.

Designed as a COVID-19 Survival Guide for L&D Teams, I share practical tips, strategies, and a simple 3-step action plan that you can use to manage and mitigate the current challenges.

eBook Overview:
  • Section 1: COVID-19 – The impact of disruption – How should L&D teams handle the changing workplace dynamics.
  • Section 2: Leading in disruption – How can L&D teams help employees and leaders effectively react and respond to the crisis.
  • Section 3: Dealing with disruption – Tips and strategies that L&D teams can use.
  • Section 4: Mitigating the challenges – Through an effective 3-step action plan.

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