Custom Leadership
Training Solutions

That Inspire and Develop Leaders

Strong leadership creates high-performing teams that in turn generates the required business results.

Our custom Leadership Training solutions will help you create the right leadership talent and create more engaged, productive, and highly motivated teams that are aligned to the business goals.

The EI Edge

How Our Learning Solutions Will Help You Drive Change and Develop Effective Leaders

Irrespective of the level of leadership you aim to groom, we will help you implement the right techniques to deliver the required impact and achieve a higher ROI.

We use our
Ecosystem based
approach to help you
design impactful
Leadership Trainings.

Step 1: Understand the Leadership Training needs across levels – not just focusing on Training Needs Analysis (TNA) but understanding what each learner persona wants – through Learner Needs Analysis (LNA).

Step 2: Use approaches that enhance the impact of Leadership Training – offer a judicious blend of online learning assets as well as support through Coaching and Mentoring.

Step 3: Craft Personalized Learning journeys – with room to learn, apply, practice, and hone skills in a safe environment. Provide assets for spaced repetition that brings in change in thinking and behavior.

Step 4: Integrate avenues for Social or Collaborative Learning and provide nudges for ongoing and Self-Directed Learning.

Step 5: Recommend learning strategies that help you deliver successful Leadership Trainings and achieve higher ROI.

We leverage the following techniques to deliver the required impact and achieve a higher ROI:

Flexibility of Mobile Learning
Enables learners to consume training content and additional resources on the go, on the device of their choice, and at the pace they want to learn.

Power of Microlearning

Provides bite-sized, focused, and action-oriented training to meet a small outcome.

Blended Learning
We craft a balanced blended approach that adds the punch of Coaching and Mentoring to the Self-Paced Online learning journey that is vital for Leadership Training.

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Impact of EI’s
Leadership Training

Our leadership development initiatives create leaders across all levels who showcase the following:

  • Confidence.
  • Competence.
  • Can create and lead high-performing teams.

On account of better motivation, higher engagement, improved completion rates, and increased application of the acquired learning, you will see a better ROI on the Leadership Training spend.

Our Leadership Training solutions encourage self-directed, continuous learning and this can be leveraged to trigger behavioral change too.

Our Leadership Training
Case Studies

Let’s discuss how you can build custom Leadership Training that develop leaders to take on today’s challenges and prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

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