Custom DEI
Training Solutions

That Shift Mindsets, Drive Behavior Change, and Create an Inclusive Workplace

We will help you design custom DEI Training programs that deliver focused learning experiences to your learners and help them become more self-aware, embrace diversity, and build an equitable workplace.

The EI Edge

How Our Learning Solutions Will Help You Create an Inclusive Workplace Where Employees Learn and Grow Together

DEI Training initiatives are complex, and a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. We will help you build custom DEI Trainings that match your organizational culture and the realities of your workplace. We will also show you how you can build an inclusive workplace by leveraging learning strategies that trigger behavior change.

Our DEI Learning Strategies

Our DEI learning strategies will enable you to:

    • Capture the learner’s attention, drive greater learning depth, and length of retention through immersive learning strategies like Videos, Gamification, Story Based Learning, and Virtual Reality.
    • Create unique learner interactivities and techniques that trigger thought change and behavior change with Scenario Based Learning, Branching Simulations, and Interactive Videos that bring real-world experiences to your training programs.
    • Provide interactivities for practice and positive reinforcement, that lead to new behaviors and actions through Blended Learning, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, and Personalized Learning.
    • Bringing in a change of this nature and scale requires time. So, our approach goes beyond discrete trainings. Instead, we create a DEI Ecosystem that will ensure a change in thinking and behavior.

Impact of EI’s DEI Training

Our learning strategies will help you shift learner mindsets, drive positive behavior change, and build an environment where your employees grow together to realize their potential. You will see the impact of our DEI Training across four major fronts:

Our action plan is based on the following pillars:

    • Improved employee engagement resulting in improved performance.
    • Better self-awareness and ability to overcome unconscious biases in your learners.
    • A workplace culture that embraces diversity.
    • An inclusive environment where employees learn and grow together.

Let’s discuss how you can build custom DEI Training programs that shift mindsets, drive behavior change, and create an inclusive workplace.

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