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CMMI Level 3 Certified

May 9, 2017 | By Asha Pandey


Another feather in our cap

We’ve always believed in doing what we do best and staying true to our commitment of meeting the customer delight and innovation mandates. The recognitions, we believed, will come. And they have.

The World No.1 ranking notwithstanding, we now have another recognition to boast of. We’ve been accorded the Corporate Quality Certification (CMMI, Level 3). Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a world-class performance improvement model for competitive organisations that want to achieve high-performance operations and this certification has certainly added a spring in our stride.

More reasons for customer delight

With an internationally recognised body taking note of our Operational Excellence and according us the Corporate Quality certification, we have reasons to celebrate and so do our customers.

What this means is our customers can be assured of the quality of work we generate and the value we bring in in terms of keeping them ahead of the curve.

Specifically, this certification has reinforced the value we offer to our customers with regard to:

  • Further improvement in consistency in quality
  • Reduction in cost and an even more competitive Total Cost of Outsourcing (TCO)
  • Evaluation of different strategies for a given requirement and selecting the best of the lot
  • Analysis of customer feedback and taking proactive actions  to eliminate issues before they occur

What the certification means to us

It’s more than just something that we’ll put up for display in our facility or flash all across our communication channels. It serves as a foundation for us to achieve rapid growth and a means for us to look deep inside us and continue to get better in terms of:

  • Refined processes
  • Process adherence
  • Higher predictability
  • Consistency
  • High quality
  • Reduced re-works
  • Improved turn-around time
  • Re-usability
  • Higher profitability

How it will benefit our team members

The journey to secure this certification began in end 2015 and we obtained the formal certification in March 2017. The lion’s share of this achievement belongs to our team members who demonstrate sound work ethics and conformance to processes.

The CMMI mandate has and will continue to help our team members with:

  • A process-oriented mindset that brings in transparency in the system
  • The drive to operate with a consultative approach
  • Development of a knowledge-based portal that helps in customising and aligning for better solutioning
  • An increased sense of ownership

At a micro-level, it provides:

  • Clarity on processes
  • Increased focus on self-review
  • Focus on achieving high First Time Approval (FTA)
  • Reduction in re-works
  • An increased sense of ownership

There’s more to be achieved…

It doesn’t end here. We now have our eyes set on achieving CMMI Level 5 over the next two years (as part of our Vision 2020 realisation), which will firmly establish us as an organisation that operates with a focus on continuous improvement, agility, stability and innovation. That apart, we have plenty to look forward to in terms of leveraging the certification that we now have in our kitty.

We will continue to build long-term differentiators with our:

  • Solution Architecting, innovation and Learnability drives
  • Vision to implement enablers (people, process, technology) to remain competitive


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