Case Studies Take a look at the strategies and solutions behind some of the most impactful training programs in the eLearning Industry.
Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award-winning Solutions

There’s an amazing story and a lot of hard work behind every solution that is worthy of a Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award.

This collection of 8 case studies explores these stories in detail, revealing how we developed some of the most successful training programs in the world with our customers.

Through these case studies, we will show you how to design outstanding learning solutions that drive employee performance and create a positive impact on business KPIs.

Featured Case Studies

  1. How a Entertainment Company Enhanced Their Recruitment Training Through Personalization and Gamification
  2. How a Renowned Non profit Development Organization Enhanced Practical Water and Sanitation Solutions Using Gamification and Simulations
  3. How a Global Technology Company Created a Training Program Using Scenario and Video Based Learning
  4. How a Top Business School Created an Online Program Using a Blended Learning Approach
  5. How a Worldwide Leader in Next generation Cybersecurity Created a Training Module Using a Mobile Learning Approach
  6. How a Leading Entertainment Company Redesigned Their Onboarding Program by Leveraging Immersive Learning
  7. How We, at EI, Enhanced Our Gamified Onboarding Program Using a Blended Learning Approach
  8. How a Leading Intergovernmental Organization Created a Learning Platform and Boosted Training Impact and ROI

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