Accessibility Enabled Compliance Training Solutions

That Create Equal Learning Opportunities for All

Accessibility, for us, is not just about ticking the technology boxes.

Instead, we strive to go beyond just incorporating the technical standards and focus on the value of inclusion. Our customized digital learning services help you provide equal learning opportunities and fulfill eLearning Accessibility Considerations. We will help you get started by making your existing compliance training programs accessibility enabled.

The EI Edge

How Our Accessibility Enabled Training Solutions Create Equal Learning Opportunities and Inclusivity in Learning

EI’s practice of eLearning Accessibility is built on the maxim that learning is a process of discovery, which involves the use of the senses to absorb and process information through cognition. Our expertise in technology-driven electronic mediums can help you personalize learning keeping learners’ mental, social, physical, and cognitive abilities to the fore.

Our Practice

Our practice of learning inclusivity goes beyond just abiding by the written guidelines for accessibility, yet we are well-aware of the major standards and guidelines that govern accessibility worldwide. This knowledge, whether accessibility is a gesture of goodwill or a crucial requirement, affects the development process and the tools and solutions we choose and helps us make informed decisions.


There are three major standards that govern accessibility:

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the US (The Equality Act in the UK).
  • Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (The European Accessibility Act in Europe).
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


At EI, we are not just aware of the requirements and regulations about accessibility, but we also have an action plan for its implementation.

Our Expertise with Tools and Techniques

The tools (Assistive Technologies) that we consider to create all-encompassing accessible eLearning courses are Storyline 360, Lectora Inspire 12, Captivate 2019, iSpring 10, Elucidat, and dominKnow.

Our action plan is based on the following pillars:

    • Robust solution design.
    • Dedicated team.
    • Well-defined project workflow.
    • Well-defined pedagogical, design, and technological considerations.
    • Holistic testing.

Get In Touch

Schedule a consultation session with us to understand:

  • What are the global accessibility guidelines and which one you should adopt.
  • How you can identify and prioritize training programs to be made accessible.
  • How you can create an inclusive learning environment for your learners.

The takeaways:

Our session will provide insights on global accessibility guidelines. Plus, it will provide cues to create a blueprint to develop and deploy accessibility enabled courses.

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