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5 Killer Microlearning Examples for Employee Training

April 25, 2018 | By Asha Pandey


5 Killer Microlearning Examples for Employee Training

Microlearning-based training continues to rule and for good reasons! Fueled by learners who want to consume short, bite-sized learning on the go (read, on their smartphones); Microlearning-based training adoption in organizations globally is on an increase. In this blog, I share 5 killer Microlearning examples for employee training.

Microlearning based trainings, particularly as Performance Support (that is, specific job aids or learning aids to support formal training) have been around for few years now.

In the last 2 years, we have seen acceleration in adoption of Microlearning for formal training. Using a series of Microlearning nuggets connected over a learning path or learning journey has proved to be an effective way to offer formal training.

With an increased maturity on its usage for formal training and informal training, Microlearning is one trend that is here to stay.

What is Microlearning?

The concept of Microlearning is not new. In traditional eLearning approach, the Instructional Designers would focus on chunking the source content into manageable bites of information that are easy for the learners to assimilate.

Microlearning has its roots in the same concept and in today’s context it is a short, focused learning nugget (designed to be 2-5 mins long and normally not exceeding 7 mins). It always has an associated outcome (it is this aspect that differentiates it from being merely an eLearning lite).

Given its size and precise definition, it is designed to promote learning on the go. Increased usage of mLearning or mobile learning as a core part of learning strategy has further accelerated the usage of Microlearning.

How can Microlearning be Used in Corporate Training?

At EI Design, our Microlearning based training is a mature practice that has evolved steadily over the last few years. We have established the practice for Performance Support Tools (PSTs or job aids) and now we offer it not just for informal learning but increasingly for formal learning.

The range of our corporate training solutions that use Microlearning-based training approach include (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Induction and Onboarding
  2. Soft Skills
  3. Professional Skills
  4. Application Simulations
  5. Product Training
  6. Sales Training
  7. Compliance Training
  8. Change Management initiatives

From this huge repository, I pick 5 killer examples that showcase Microlearning-based approach for employee training.

1. Professional Skills Training for Instructional Designers (Content Types)

This example features a Microlearning course with a story-based visual wrapper.

Diverse microlearning formats (including videos in different design approaches) have been included in the flow of the course. The learner scrolls through to reveal content and interact at specific points to view the nuggets.

Professional Skills Training for Instructional Designers-1

Professional Skills Training for Instructional Designers-2

2. Account Management Fundamentals (Interactive Infographic based nugget)

This example features the Interactive infographics based approach is used to create a micro-guide wherein the progress of the learner is gamified.

The learners need to get a requisite number of points to move to the next level. They gain points from reviewing the content as well as challenges. Additionally, there is an expert who provides tips and key points to aid in solving the challenges. On completing a level, they get a badge.

Account Management Fundamentals-Interactive Infographic based nugget

3. Generic Compliance: Health, Safety, And Environment (HSE) at Workplace

This example features a video that uses high impact, contextual imagery and recaps the basic aspects of an HSE compliance course.

It reinforces the need for constant risk assessment of hazards at a workplace. Specifically, it uses a scenario to help learners identify a potential hazard and prompts the right action through the feedback.

Generic Compliance Health, Safety, And Environment (HSE) at Workplace-1

Generic Compliance Health, Safety, And Environment (HSE) at Workplace-2

4. Professional Skills Training (Time Management)

This example features a microlearning nugget that uses two innovative strategies, namely Scenario-based learning and Gamified activities.

Professional Skills Training (Time Management)-1

Professional Skills Training (Time Management)-2

5. Compliance (Data Protection)

This example of a Microlearning nugget, “A date with Data Dave” features interactive parallax-based scrolling (that is commonly used in websites).

Parallax eLearning example 1

Parallax eLearning example 2

It has engaging visuals, and conversational language, which engages and takes the learner through three offices with varying levels of data security. Along the journey, the learner is provided tips and best practices to protect data.


I hope this blog gives you pointers on how you can use Microlearning-based approach and address your formal and informal training needs. I hope the featured Microlearning examples for employee training show you how you can use the techniques to create engaging and high-impact corporate training.

Check out our award-winning solutions and approaches to enhance the impact of your corporate training by booking a free demo/consultation, or you can write to me directly at apandey@eidesign.net.

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