eBook 2023 Learning Trends
for The Connected Workplace

This eBook is designed to help you leverage the current learning trends to develop a comprehensive L&D strategy that delivers business results and builds a deeply engaged and connected workforce.

This year, our eBook takes the vantage point of a senior L&D and business leader to investigate aspects that should be the focus of creating a comprehensive L&D strategy. It will also be insightful for practitioners to align themselves to key threads that help build effective solutions. We have used key L&D and business focus areas as the thread to derive L&D and learning trends. They can be categorized into the following areas:

  • The heightened complexities of the workplace and the need to make training a strategic initiative with measurable benefits.
  • The need to look at training from an empathetic and learner-centric approach.
  • The pressing concerns related to employee retention and the need to engage the workforce.
  • Specific training needs that will be key to drive change and improve organizational competencies.
  • Leveraging a technology stack that can help connect L&D to the learners and the business.
  • The future of next gen learning trends in the context of Industry 4.0.

With more than 650+ customers across the world, spread across 26+ industry verticals, and over 4000 conversations per month with senior stakeholders, Team EI has a unique take on learning trends that fuel success for our customers. Read on!

eBook Overview:

  • Leveraging Emotional Intelligence In Learning
  • Measuring The Impact Of L&D On Both The Business And The Employees
  • Robust Learning Technology Stack To Drive Employee Experience
  • Training Needs You Should Factor For Or Relook
  • Mature Learning Solutions For The Hybrid Workplace
  • Building A Strong Learning Culture
  • Industry 4.0: Revolutionizing The Way Companies Work

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