Welcome to EI Design

Welcome to EI Design, one of the top elearning companies in India, where complex problems find innovative learning design solutions.

At EI Design, we are driven by a mission – we strive to energise learning to its full potential. To accomplish this important mission, our goals are listed below:

  • To make it easier for the learners to learn
  • To collaborate with our customers in creating successful learning initiatives
  • To provide ongoing value-added services that will enable businesses to attain measurable and sustainable results

We offer our decade plus expertise to help create a complete learning and performance ecosystem for customers.

Our core services include formal training solutions (featuring Traditional approach using standard development framework; Innovative approach comprising of gamification, story and scenario-based; Blended training; Rapid development; Multi-device delivery and Localisation.

Our extended service offerings include Performance support solutions (PSS) and “just-in-time” tools (PST) to further enhance workplace performance. These could be deployed and monitored through the Learning Hub or the LMS.

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Q: Where has our mission gotten us so far?

Over the last decade, EI Design, one of the leading eLearning companies in India has created 5,500+ hours of eLearning solutions for customers throughout the world.

These eLearning solutions include courses with varying focus, including:

  • Awareness
  • Compliance
  • Skill enhancement
  • Attitudinal or behavioural change
  • Application simulations

In 2014, we have extended our core services (custom eLearning/mLearning/blended) services to include:

  1. ProductLine: Series of online courses for learning professionals
  2. Complete Learning and Performance Ecosystems

Q: What is the gain to our customers on account of this transformation from learning solutions provider to learning and performance ecosystems provider?

As a learning and performance ecosystems provider, we now offer a bigger and richer portfolio that enables us to get engaged from the initial phase with our customers and be aligned all through as follows: 

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Assessment of learning need and map it to Formal and Informal learning
  • Development of
    • Various trainings (Online, Instructor led or blended)
    • Performance Support tools
    • Learning Hub to provide each learner his/her own learning path
  • Value added Services wherein we work with customers to determine:
    • Comprehensive evaluation strategy (cuts across various training formats)
    • Return of Investment (ROI) on training
    • Determining efficacy of learning (the learnability and gain for learners)
    • Impact of training (the gain for business)

Q: Does our location in India and specifically in Bangalore offer us a competitive edge?

Indeed it does.

As one of the leading eLearning companies in India, we cater to varied learning needs of our customers across the world. This requires access to right talent pool that can be aligned to these varied requirements. Being in Bangalore, also known as “Knowledge capital” of India; we have access to fresh talent from stellar technical colleges and universities. Added to this is the fact that now the eLearning companies in India as well as in Bangalore are in a mature phase, which enables us access to a higher skill level.

As a result, we have access to specialised skills like Visual Design, Instructional Design, QA and Technology (specifically for eLearning). More significantly, with a mature eLearning industry, we also have seasoned project management professionals’ availability in Bangalore, India.

Q: How does our location advantage translate to benefits to our customers?

On account of all these factors (access to specialised talent pool and a mature eLearning industry), our location advantage is enabling us to consolidate our position as one of the leading eLearning companies in India. Specifically, we are extending better project management capabilities and have capability to handle more complex projects (that necessarily require higher project management and service delivery skills).

During our presence in Bangalore for over 13 years, we have retained our Core team for nearly a decade. Our Core team’s strength also manifests in a high process maturity and we are on our journey to obtain CMM level 3 certification soon. All these translate to working with a team that our customers can always depend on. So, partner with a team with “Will-do attitude” whose enthusiasm and commitment to go the extra mile will make your learning initiative a success.

Q: Sounds interesting but want to see something more specific?

Browse around this website to find out:

  • Our demos that feature immersive and innovative learning designs. They also showcase the range of our capabilities to do custom or be-spoke e learning development.
  • Case studies
  • How the structure of our organisation enables us to focus on innovation and maximise the strengths of our team members
  • Which of our services may be the right fit for your business
  • What makes EI Design stand out from the crowd of other service providers

If at any time during your visit you have questions or comments, click on Contact Us link available from every page. We look forward to being a part of your next learning initiative.