We are a leading Learning and Performance Support solutions provider and
we thrive on transforming learning by keeping it -




We specialise in transforming learning for our customers
and learners with approaches that -

Provide 'sticky' learning

Provide predictive learnability or learning effectiveness

Offer 'just-in-time' learning to push knowledge acquisition to application on the job

Create high-impact learning experiences and a positive ROI

What sets us apart

Focus on performance gain - a human-centred approach

Focus on Learnability and Learner Analytics

Innovation, research and exploration

Mature processes and Agile development methodology

Collaborative engagement model with a low TCO (Total Cost of Outsourcing)

Experience and expertise

Team focus on customer delight

Highlights of our expertise

Over the last 16 years, we have created 9800+ hours of learning solutions for customers in 20 countries across the world. Of these, 1700+ hours were for mLearning and 490 hours were localised in 26 languages.

We address varied corporate training needs including Compliance, Soft Skills, Behavioural Change, Application Simulations, Induction and Onboarding, Health and Safety, Product Training, Sales Training, Information Security and so on.

Our solutions cut across 23+ industry verticals.

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