Next Gen eLearning Solutions

If you were to ask an L&D team how they would define a “successful learning strategy,” the wish list is likely to be long. We have experience in creating successful learning strategies that meet the mandate.


A “successful learning strategy” should help them create learning experiences that are

  • Motivating.
  • Engaging and immersive.
  • Relevant and relatable (preferably personalized).
  • Challenging.
  • Rewarding.


These learning experiences should

  • Create sticky learning.
  • Facilitate application of learning.
  • Provide room for practice and proficiency gain.
  • Provide reinforcement to ensure the Forgetting curve does not step in.
  • Influence or triggers behavioral change.

Next Gen eLearning solution #1: Mobile Learning Solutions - Migration Services

Migration of Mobile Friendly (Adaptive) to Mobile First Responsive formats

Tip: We add Predictive Learnability (or Learning effectiveness) guidelines to ensure a sticky learning experience.

Responsive Authoring Tool Experience

We use popular tools like:

  • Adapt learning.
  • Adobe - Captivate 2019.
  • Articulate - Articulate Rise.
  • CrossKnowledge - Mohive.
  • DominKnow - DominKnow ONE.
  • Elucidat.
  • Gomo Learning.
  • Trivantis - Lectora 2018.