For over 18 years, we have been the select partner for our customers as they undertake "Digital Transformation". Over these years, our focus has been on creating effective "learning transformation" and looking at new trainings or transitioning from face-to-face Instructor-Led Training (ILT) to Virtual Training.

We help our customers through our rich Virtual Training solutions portfolio that includes:

1. ILT to VILT migration

Here, our focus is not just to put your existing PowerPoint deck online.

  1. Instead, our Solution Architecting team works with your trainers/Subject Matter Experts to understand how you were creating the required impact and learning gain.
  2. We map these inputs and create a rich Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) experience.
  3. We leverage the features of the platform that will be used to render the training and create an engaging and interactive Virtual Training experience for your learners.

2. Blended Training

You can choose to build up the VILT sessions with components of self-paced, online training or Mobile Learning.

  1. Our Solution Architecting team will deliberate with your trainers/Subject Matter Experts to determine the right blend.
  2. We will also ensure that the self-paced, Mobile Learning in conjunction with the VILT sessions will help you meet the overall training mandate successfully.

3. Fully online (self-paced training) through Mobile Learning

Our Mobile Learning practice began in 2011, and we have built it to offer wide-ranging options that you can pick from:

  1. Macrolearning or traditional online learning or the more current, Microlearning based designs. You can also opt for the best of both (wherein, we will weave Microlearning best practices for longer course lengths).
  2. Depending on the turn-around time and the kind of learning experience, you could opt for our Rapid eLearning solutions, Agile and Semi-custom eLearning solutions, or high-end, fully custom approaches.
  3. A wide range of immersive learning strategies like AR/VR. Gamification, Scenario Based Learning, Interactive Story Based Learning, Branching Simulations and so on.

This is not all, we also offer value adds like:

1. Blending the VILT session through online resources:

You can use these Microlearning resources to Prep (Pre-session) as Learning Summaries/hand-outs (Post-Session).

2. Continuing the learning journey:

One session with your trainer may not be adequate. We craft additional online learning resources to re-connect with learners and ensure that their learning journey continues.

3. Repurposing the recorded VILT sessions into online Microlearning nuggets:

We take your existing session recordings and splice them into multiple Microlearning nuggets that help learners meet a sub-learning outcome. We also add Assessments, and these are SCORM-wrapped for tracking.

Our unique value proposition: Learning and Performance Ecosystem

The learning journey is inspired by our unique Learning and Performance Ecosystem. We don't judge the success of our Virtual Trainings by completion rates. We validate if our training enables:

  • Effective learning and its application on the job.
  • Skill building.
  • Reducing the proficiency gap.

Additionally, we work with our customers on the following crucial aspects:

  • Training impact.
  • Measure the training effectiveness.
  • Demonstrable value for the learners and business.
  • Positive ROI.

Impact of Our Virtual Trainings - Creating a Triad of Value for Customers

We are driven by our focus of creating Virtual Trainings that generate the triad of value by:

Creating sticky learning experiences.

Enabling effective application on the job.

Driving behavioral change.

Through an Agile approach featuring Rapid development as well as Semi-custom/Fully custom options, we will help you kick-start your Virtual Training Transformation within a matter of days!