Research Report What Learners Want:
Strategies for Training Delivery

This research by Training Industry, sponsored by EI, explores training delivery strategies that modern learners prefer and the impact you can gain by matching those preferences in your training programs.

Today’s learning environment has changed and is continuing to evolve.

The hybrid workplace has complicated the learning environment with a sizable portion of the workforce engaged in nontraditional ways of working.

With the proliferation of web-based information, modern learners expect on-demand access to job-relevant information. If they don’t like how training is delivered, they access information in other ways (e.g., Google and YouTube) and informal sources of information for learning. All of these factors impact the ability of L&D programs to engage learners.

Fortunately, numerous learning modalities, technologies, and techniques have evolved to address the needs of modern learners. But how can L&D teams know which methods to use?

This report answers this critical question by exploring the preferences of modern learners and the impact of meeting those preferences in a training program.

Research Brief Overview

Section 1- What Do Learners Want?

Learners are active participants in their own learning experience and understanding their preferences can increase voluntary consumption of content and enhance training outcomes and ROI. This section examines the most preferred training methods across 6 common topic areas.

Section 2- What Do Learners Think Is Most Effective?

This section analyzes how impactful learners thought each method that they had recently experienced was in order to understand whether learners prefer the training methods that are most effective for them.

Section 3- How Are We Delivering Training?

Budget and resource restrictions can place restraints on which training methods are possible which will in turn vary based on the quantity and timing of resources that are required for developing, delivering, and maintaining content. This section examines what training modalities are being currently employed to deliver training.

Section 4- Are Learners Experiencing What They Want?

Over and beyond the training delivery method, are organizations able to accommodate learner preferences? This section reviews to what extent organizations are addressing learners’ needs and acting upon their desires.

Section 5- Do Learner Preferences Matter?

If giving employees what they want improves their learning, it should also improve training outcomes. This section reviews the impact of matching modern learner needs and preferences.

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