“A learning organization is a group of people who are continually enhancing their capabilities to create what they want to create”

– Peter M Senge, Author of The Fifth Discipline-The Art & Practice of the Learning Organisation

This statement conveys the essence of who we are.

As a “learning organisation” we continuously research, explore and assess “what more is possible” to keep enhancing our solutions.

We draw inspiration from the situations and environments that our users are in. The learner is the “HERO”. Deep understanding of user needs backed by research, data and insights drives us to innovate and create opportunities to build our solutions. Besides, we have a robust yet iterative process to constantly keep adding value, making your L&D teams and us “the ONE who knows!”

Our design philosophy

We’re driven by:


Putting the learner at the centre of our solutions

Innovation and constant exploration

Continuous improvement to create sustainable value for our customers

A human-centred approach

Which reflects in our solutions, services, products and business approach

A sound Solution Architecting practice

Defining frameworks for innovative solutions to meet both learner expectations and business goals

How our philosophy reflects in our engagement with customers

We don’t just work towards creating value for our customers. We create a value chain:

TNA > Training program > Sticky learning > Application on the job > Positive ROI

With this ‘Chain of Impact’, our customers see a clear performance gain and a sense of contentment about the penny well spent.

What keeps us ahead of the competition?

It’s our focus on innovation and exploration that sets us apart. Our dedicated team of experts, who are also part of our Solution Architecting team:

  • Research on future trends in user behaviour, interaction models and use of technology to make learning effective and simple
  • Build avenues of collaboration between internal teams and clients/SMEs to streamline development and implementation
  • Provide the right balance of what learners want and what businesses need
  • Determine how these pointers can be practically used to enhance learning experiences
  • Work towards institutionalisation of innovation through processes like design-thinking to approach tough challenges and build a culture of continuous improvement

The result – we churn out innovative solutions and products

  • Predictive Learnability – Through our unique, proprietary Learnability Metrics we help our customers evaluate the effectiveness of learning and predict and formulate predictive learning interventions for better training and application
  • eBridge – An online review tool (cloud based) that we use to collaborate with our customers during the entire development process. Featuring the Agile development approach and Kanban based Visual boards, this is a one of a kind tool in the industry.
  • eSpace (Digital workspace for blended learning) – Through this unique framework, we help our customers offer blended-learning through an online platform. It’s cloud-based, multi-device compatible, provides greater control to instructors as well as learners with a wide range of options, takes the learning experience mobile, mimics the classroom experience yet give a distinct flavour to ILT and blended learning owing to the flexibility to integrate Social and Microlearning, Gamification, Performance Support Tools and more.

And a whole lot more so that YOU get the edge!

Responsive learning portals with learning paths

Social Learning (collaborative learning)

Microlearning (for both formal and informal learning)

Creating digital experiences to embed learning into a millennial-centric lifestyle

Reporting and analytics

Content curation


Videos and interactive videos

Apps for learning

Decision making – complex branching simulations

Scenario based learning





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