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POSTED ON: October 18th, 2016

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Review, Collaborate and Optimise Your eLearning Development Process with eBridge

The creation of quality eLearning courses requires constant review and collaboration among members of a development team. This process can be time-consuming and costly, when there are multiple reviewers and SMEs in different geographies.

With over a decade’s experience in design and development of eLearning courses, EI Design has identified problem areas that make the development process difficult:





Several authoring tools like Articulate do not provide an integrated online review link.

You need to manage back and forth emails and edit logs throughout a project’s life cycle.

You need to manually track open issues.

You need to provide support to explain edit descriptions and locations to developers.




EI Design has developed an innovative tool – eBridge, which can be integrated within eLearning courses developed through Articulate.

eBridge is an online review and collaboration tool that helps in optimising the eLearning development process by allowing a team and any extended panel to collaborate during the entire project life cycle.

eBridge addresses the typical pain areas and brings agility into to the development process by enhancing productivity and helping in getting quality right the first time, which in turn helps to realise efficiencies in development cost and turn-around time.








Reviewers and SMEs can log in their feedback within the course.

Strengthen collaboration between reviewers and developers.

Optimise the development process and realise efficiencies in development costs and turn-around time.

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