Newsletter Dec2014 | A Landmark

POSTED ON: December 9th, 2014


A Landmark

For over 12 years, we have been providing learning solutions to our customers worldwide (mapping to nearly 6,000 hours of eLearning offered across 16 countries).

Considering your valuable partnership with us, we are pleased to share with you:

  • Some of our significant gains this year
  • The new initiatives that enhance our service offerings

Story-Based Learning Strategy in a Course for Instructional Designers

In the last six months, our blogs were featured regularly on elearningindustry, one of the leading information hubs on eLearning.

In one such article published on the portal, Asha, our CMD and Chief Learning Strategist shared a case study featuring a course based on the story-based learning strategy for Instructional Designers on Content Types and their Visualisation Approaches.

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In the News

Crossing over from the recipient to a newsmaker role has been a matter of pride for us.

Be it our unique learning solutions appreciated by prominent players in the industry, our partnership with various authoring tool providers or how our Project Management, Development and Quality Audit teams were trained and equipped to produce consistent results, our path-breaking initiatives packed enough punch to make headlines.



The launch of our ProductLine “inSight” Suite #1 comprising 15 online courses for aspiring Instructional Designers was one of our major breakthroughs. These courses are now available on the OpenSesame portal and on Apple AppStore as Apps under the Instructional Design category.

While 2014 elevated our ranking with more than 90% of the projects delivered for multi-device access, we introduced Performance Support Solutions (PSS) to take learning to another level, transforming acquisition of knowledge to application of knowledge. PSS are nuggets of information that are available within the learners’ workflows and can be accessed on any device of their convenience.

Besides formal training (eLearning, mLearning or blended solutions), PSS is an integral part of our Learning and Performance Ecosystem concept that includes a Learning Hub and provides a framework to assess the efficacy of learning.

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