Mobile App for employee brand building

The world has gone mobile and ‘learning on the move’ is the thing of today. We are addicted to Smartphones and Tablets and rely on them to fetch us information, and entertainment is always right at our fingertips.

Packaged as a Mobile App, this solution combines elements of Gamification, Personalisation and Microlearning to deliver a customised learning experience, where learners can benefit the most relevant information that suits their needs. Based on a pre-assessment/survey, learners are provided Personalised learning assets, which includes videos, Interactive nuggets, exercises and Gamified quizzes to add to the fun aspect of learning. Furthermore, based on the learners’ browsing patterns, they get relevant recommendations on more learning material to explore. To promote Collaborative/Social Learning and to encourage the learners to keep coming back, they are also provided the options to share and comment on the content they view.

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