Learning Portal featuring an enhanced visual experience

What’s the best way to engage a workforce that largely consists of millennials? This next-gen solution of ours is a Gamified Learning Portal that is designed to engage the modern audience. Integrating 3D virtual environments, VR videos, Social Learning, Personalisation, Microlearning and a lot more, it incorporates the latest trends in eLearning to trigger the right motivation in learners and deliver the learning in a fun-filled, informal way!

Learners essentially play the role of a turf club owner, wherein they are supposed to complete mission-based activities, building turf club assets, spending and earning money in the process and gaining badges, expertise levels, etc. as they progress through the course. In addition to imparting a sense of reward and recognition through Gamified elements, we’ve powered the Portal with active Social Learning elements and a good amount of Personalisation to create an intuitive platform for collaborative, informal learning and to bring about the desired behavioural change.

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