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Passivity of videos can weigh down a serious learning experience. Statistics reveal that on average 47% of the viewers watch a video till the end, which means that a majority (53%) of the viewer’s lose interest and opt out of the video even before they see the key message.

Interactive Videos can have a 10X impact on your learner compared to standard videos. A study found that with interactive videos, 35% of the businesses saw a better conversion rate and 25% reported better business turnaround in terms of revenue.

At EI Design, we have created a customizable interactive video framework that allows us to integrate learning interaction levels that closely mimic the interactions of a traditional eLearning or mLearning course to help you supercharge your training and boost learner engagement levels.

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Want to know how?  
Through our unique framework we add meaningful interaction points for learners to break the monotony of the video to create a significantly better learning experience. The learner interactions include:  

1. Hotspots.
2. Button click.
3. Drag and drop.
4. Carousel.
5. Fill in the blanks.
6. Single choice questions.
7. Multiple choice questions.

Result? Better retention and recall.

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