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10 Content Curation Strategies for Corporate Training

December 11, 2019 | By Asha Pandey


The Internet may give us data in seconds, but this often requires us to go through a maze of options before we get what would work best for us. This gap can be addressed through Content Curation that provides users the curated or relevant information they seek.


The use of Content Curation for corporate training is on a steady increase and it is being leveraged by L&D teams to support formal training as well as informal training.
  •  It is also a great booster for Self-Directed Learning.
  • It enables organizations to mine their existing knowledge bank and ensure that selected, curated content can equip their learners with right information.


Take a look at this Infographic where we list 10 Content Curation strategies for eLearning that you can use to enhance the impact of your corporate trainings.


Content Curation Strategies for Corporate Training


Content Curation enables L&D teams to offer highly relevant content to support their primary training. Its key value-adds are:


  1. Content Curation provides a repository of relevant and meaningful resources that can be accessed easily from a central location.
  2. It empowers L&D teams, Subject Matter Experts, and learners alike as they can play an active role in the process of Content Curation.
  3. You can use the opportunity of Content Curation to motivate your learners and recognize the team members for their active contribution, usage, and recommendations.
  4. Content Curation is a great way to foster a culture of continuous learning.
  5. It encourages informal learning (just-in-time learning that is particularly useful for Performance Support intervention) and, more specifically, Self-Directed Learning.
  6. Content Curation promotes inclusive learning and allows the knowledge base to be continuously enriched by learners’ contributions. (While this would need a team to audit the new resources, this would also keep the curated content dynamic, relevant, and aligned to what learners want).


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