ILT/VILT and Blended Learning

The mandate

In this day and age of virtual interactivity and multi-channel learning preferences, stand-alone classroom trainings or eLearning courses may not be good enough. What you need is a good blend – the right mix of classroom training and online delivery with multiple options for learners to learn and interact for an engaging learning experience.

What we bring to the table

Effective classroom/virtual training solutions

Backed by analysis of training needs, learner needs, level of understanding, business mandates, current and future competencies and mode of delivery

A rich repository of aids

Manager led coaching sessions, peer-to-peer coaching materials, Interactive PPTs to conduct management games, learning circles/sessions and more!

A Performance Support add-on

Integrating online Performance Support Tools (PSTs) for on-the-job support (on smartphones and tablets) to continue the learning beyond the classroom

Enhancement of ILT/VILT

Converting “text only” ILT/VILT materials into visually rich, engaging training materials with the right set of activities (quizzes, role plays, group discussions, paired activities and fun exercises and so on)


Our cloud-based, multi-device compatible online platform for ILT and blended learning that mimics the classroom experience yet gives a distinct flavour to ILT and blended learning with integration of Social and Microlearning, Gamification, Performance Support Tools and more.

How we can help you

Content and Instructional design

We take your content and create different formats of ILT material for classroom delivery (ILT decks, Facilitator guide and Participant guide) taking care of the following activities:

  • Creation of content outline or treatment plan
  • Creation of content outline mapping to the Learning Objectives of each ILT deck
  • Setting up guidelines on font style, image styles, formatting guidelines and so on
  • Standardisation of templates for PPT and Word documents as per the branding after initial content creation
  • Creation of ILT decks in PPT with activities, exercises and instructions.
  • Creation of Instructor Guides and Participant Guides with instructions for activities and templates for taking notes
  • Making final deliverables in PPT and Word formats

Additional value adds

We can also enhance your classroom training experience through:

  • Our eSpace product (cloud-based and multi-device compatible) featuring –
    • A single source access for ILT materials
    • A defined learning path and integration of job aids
    • Learner-centric features (self-enrolment option for learners, flexibility of obtaining teacher rights and creating content, Microlearning elements for bite-sized learning and so on)
    • Classroom plus features (sign-up sheets to track attendance, survey tools, a wide variety of assessments, gradebooks to offer grades to learners, dashboard statistics to track learner performance and so on)
    • Collaborative learning elements (learner groups, chat functionality,  forums/discussion boards, videoconferencing and an integrated social network) to facilitate communication between instructors and learners and among learners
  • Posters and performance job aids – As prequels and sequels to the classroom sessions
  • Other value adds – Online assessments (pre and post workshop), online scenarios and role-plays for that extra bit of engagement

Take a look at this video that showcases the examples. While it highlights the best features of these course designs, it also demonstrates how a blended or a fully online delivery can bring alive an induction and onboarding program, as opposed to a less engaging traditional ILT delivery.

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