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Mobile Learning

Learning on the go, anytime, anywhere is what today’s learners want. Talk to us for Mobile First or Mobile Friendly learning designs.

Performance Support Tools/Job aids

Just-in-time learning is the new mantra to achieve performance gain. Talk to us to see how we can support your formal training with PSTs.

Blended Learning

Looking for an effective transition from Instructor-Led Training to online training? Talk to us for our step-by-step toolkit and make an effective transition.

Migration to HTML5

Regain your investment on legacy courses and convert them to a Mobile Learning format. Talk to us for their learning effectiveness upliftment too.


Reach out to a wider audience in their own language. Talk to us and we can help you localise your eLearning courses into 31 global languages.

Social Learning

Collaborative learning is the new lever to enhance learner performance. Talk to us and see how you can foster collaborative learning to supplement your formal training.

Learning Portals

Key initiatives need a dedicated portal that can also facilitate personalised learning paths, content curation and collaborative learning. Talk to us and we can transform these programs.

Learner Analytics

Use the analytics to understand your learners’ behaviour. Talk to us on what you can do to step up the motivation, engagement and application of learning on the job.

Learnability or Learning Effectiveness Evaluation

Learning effectiveness has a direct correlation with the stickiness of learning. Talk to us on how you can measure and uplift the learning effectiveness of your courses.

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Virtual Reality






Scenario-based Learning




Branching Simulations


Video Based Learning


Microlearning Videos


Content Curation




Mobile Apps


Over the last 16 years, we have addressed almost all facets of corporate training needs.

  • Compliance training
  • Induction and Onboarding
  • Application Simulations training
  • Soft skills training
  • Product training
  • Sales training
  • Leadership training

Our deep expertise on various authoring tools enables us to create the right learning experience that will show a demonstrable gain for learners.

What Sets Us Apart

Our edge lies in our capability to deliver innovative and immersive learning designs through our unique Solution Architecting framework. Through this, we generate learning and performance support solutions that meet the learners’ expectations as well as the business goals of our customers.

There are two significant feeders that continuously enrich our Solution Architecting approach:

Ongoing research by our Innovation and Exploration team—who scan the global knowledgescape specifically for:

  • New authoring tools
  • New technologies
  • Trends (on what learners want and how businesses wish to see the desired impact).

Inputs from our Competency Lab on user-centred design that ensure our learning designs:

  • Motivate the learners
  • Are relevant and relatable.
  • Offer sticky learning
  • Facilitate an effective application on the job
  • Provide higher learning effectiveness
  • Are memorable
  • Help learners gain additional skill and enhanced performance
  • Impact ROI positively