Gamified Platform for Product Training with Social Learning elements


How about taking a tech-savvy route to deliver product training on a technical subject for a wider, heterogenous audience? This Portal-based solution comprises 8 modules that are tied together by a Visual Menu and integrates learning elements in various formats, including videos, job aids, eLearning content, assessments, classroom sessions, webinars etc.

The course also features Gamification elements to impart a sense of reward for completing the learning assets. Learners earn points and badges, get featured on leaderboards and can track their own progress throughout the training. Furthermore, it also integrates Social Learning elements, allowing users to can post questions, discussion points and comments, and these posts are visible on the homepage of the platform as a continuous stream. To promote reinforcement and application on the job, L&D teams could send notifications on individual progress and share resources and job aids for in-depth understanding and for quick access within the workflow.

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