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Having customers who vouch for your solutions is one thing, being awarded for brilliance is another!

EI Design is a leading Learning and Performance Support solutions provider that thrives on transforming learning—keeping it alive, relevant, impactful, and continuous.

We have won numerous awards for excellence in creating successful eLearning solutions that have made an impact across the globe.

Take a look at our array of awards and solutions that make us as well as our customers proud!

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EI Design was the top prize winner at the 2018 Horizon Awards

Category: Website – Training/eLearning
Award: Gold
This solution is a web-based mobile-friendly eLearning program covering the horse racing domain knowledge curriculum for all Club employees to acquire knowledge according to their own pace and needs.

Category: Video – Motion Graphics/Effects – Awarded Gold
Category: Video – Promotional – Awarded Bronze
This is an engaging video based solution used to promote our key services on various digital marketing forums. It uses eye-catching motion graphics to attract potential clients by making them aware of the benefits of the services provided, using specific examples and use cases.

Category: Video – Motion Graphics/Effect
Award: Gold
This is a video based solution used for our internal training purposes to make new joiners aware of our company's organizational structure. Instead of a showing a more conventional org chart, we thought of using a narrative to string various domains within EI Design as well as key members driving these domains.

EI Design was the top prize winner at the 2018 Horizon Awards announced in Apr ’19

Category: Website – Training/eLearning
Award: Silver
This is an eBook on how our clients can use featured eLearning trends successfully in 2019 for their corporate training needs. This eBook uses a user journey to illustrate how today’s learners want to learn.

Category: Video – Instructional
Award: Bronze
This is an interesting and fun video based solution used to promote the concept of "Learning Anywhere, Anytime.” The target audience were Swiss Re managers who had to travel a lot and use their mobile devices to consume relevant and targeted learning that will help them at the time of need in their jobs.

Category: Video – Instructional
Award: Silver
This is an instructional video solution to help guest facing team members improve their confidence in handling guest interactions in tourist attractions. The video uses real-life situations in an entertaining way to make the video engaging and fun to watch and view key takeaways for a larger training program.

In 2017, we achieved 1 Gold and 2 Silver Horizon Interactive Awards for Interactive Media Production

EI Design’s gold award-winning Interactive Video Framework can integrate YouTube videos and other repositories. Through this, learners experience a learning journey that helps meet specific learning outcomes.

Our next winner—the Gamified HR Portal—facilitates an alternative connection between the employees and the HR. This enables employees to understand and enjoy the services and benefits offered to them by the organization.

Last but not least, A Date with Data Dave—a microlearning nugget on data security—takes learners on a journey via an interactive parallax-based scrolling format. “Dave” takes learners through offices with varying levels of data security and provides them with the best practices to protect data along the way.

EI Design won 1 excellence and 2 distinction awards at the 2018 Communicator awards

This Gamified eBook is projected toward helping organizations and L&D professionals learn more about Gamification and also understand how they can implement Gamification in their learning strategy.

This Gamified App-based learning nugget is targeted at users who are always on the move and prefer to use their mobile devices for digital learning.

Over the next 4 years, millennials will be a significant part of the workforce in several global leading economies. Considering the traits of the millennials in the workplace and their preferred learning styles, this video showcases 6 learning strategies that are bound to work and engage these millennials.

EI Design was honored with 3 Silver Awards for excellence in Video Based Learning solutions at the 2018 Davey Awards

This solution was developed keeping in mind executives who travel to foreign locations on business and the things they need to keep in mind to ensure their safety in various situations they may face while traveling.

This video was created in a Microlearning format to make employees aware of a new self-development tool that they could use anytime and anywhere to support their day-to-day activities and development.

Organization structures and hierarchies are important for new joiners when they get inducted into the company. We created a nice, animated video that binds the whole org structure using a narrative, which talks about how the org structure helps in meeting the org objectives and goals.

We’ve won 2 Gold and 2 Silver awards at the 2017 Davey Awards

The Gamified eBook – “How Gamification Is Reshaping Corporate Training” received Gold in the “Websites – Games/Games Related for Websites” category as well as Silver in the “Websites – Education for Websites” category. The Gamified eBook helps organizations learn more about Gamification and understand how they can incorporate Gamification into their learning strategy.

Our multi-award winning Microlearning nugget on Data Security – “A Date with Data Dave” bagged Gold in the “Websites – Education for Websites” category as well as Silver in the “Feature Categories – Best Visual Appeal – Aesthetic for websites.” This Microlearning nugget is based on the Compliance subject of Data Security and is part of our larger suite of courses on Compliance.

We struck “Gold” with our attractive solutions at the 2017 Apex Awards

Our maiden entry at the Apex Awards won GOLD in the “Electronic Media” category. We are at the top of the winners list for the 2017 Contest put out by the Apex Awards team for our entry “A Date with Data Dave,” a Microlearning nugget on Data Security designed using the Parallax web-based scrolling technology.

Our maiden entry won GOLD at the 2017 Omni Awards

Our maiden entry at the Omni Awards has won GOLD in the “Educational” category. The entry, “A Date with Data Dave” is an informal Microlearning nugget on Data Security designed using the Parallax web-based scrolling technology. This award is a testimony to the high-impact learning experience that it provides and lends further credence to our claim that our solutions are worth their weight in gold.

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