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To take that learner engagement level a notch higher, what you should be looking at is not just standard Gamification elements but Next Gen Gamification approaches. EI Design has bagged many awards these past few years for its expertise in creating engaging and compelling eLearning Gamification solutions. eLearning Gamification solutions for compliance training is our forte, and we can help you achieve the required employee engagement.


With less time and short attention spans, the last thing your learners want is a learning overdose and lengthy training sessions. We have a range of over 20 amazing Microlearning formats that can enhance your employee training strategies to a whole new level. When it comes to bite-sized learning, we’ve got an entire spectrum of Microlearning solutions and strategies spread out for you. The combination of Microlearning and videos is also becoming an integral part of any learning strategy. Its versatility enables its usage for both Formal Training and Performance Support intervention. With our expertise, we can help you design your Microlearning Videos to be a standalone nugget that offers a specific learning takeaway or as a part of a longer learning path.

Mobile Learning

Our Mobile Learning strategies and solutions leverage on high-impact Microlearning formats, making learning bite-sized and easily digestible. You can also leverage immersive approaches like Gamification, Virtual Reality, Videos and Interactive Videos, and Mobile Apps for learning to multiply the impact. We also provide insights on how you can use Mobile Apps for Personalized learning paths; Formal training as bite-sized Microlearning nuggets; Informal training as PSTs or just-in-time job aids, pre and post assessments and practice sessions/reinforcement aids to supplement formal training via videos, examples, and scenarios; and various other training needs including Compliance, Soft Skills, Change Management and so on.

Video and Interactive Video Based Learning

Having been awarded with the best for our Video Based and Interactive Video Learning solutions, we can show you how to achieve the same kind of results with your corporate training. We can customize your learning to meet your learners’ needs with the help of our expertise using Video based solutions for both Formal and Informal Training needs, as standalone learning nuggets and job-aids for Performance Support, and by creating a customizable Interactive Video framework.

ILT-VILT and Blended Learning

Our approach focuses on identifying which key aspects of a facilitated session must be retained and which will offer a better impact if they are moved to an online delivery. We offer a unique step-by-step toolkit that you can use to successfully convert your ILT program to a high-impact Blended Training program.

Performance Support Tools (PSTs)

We offer PSTs or instant job aids as an extension of Formal Training (eLearning, Mobile Learning, classroom, or blended) and as Microlearning nuggets in the form of Mobile Apps, Short videos, Interactive videos, Whiteboard animations, Kinetic text based animations and so on.


We offer a wide range of corporate Compliance training solutions for you to craft active learning. Go ahead and pick any one or a combination—Partial Gamification, Gamification, Scenario Based Learning, or Storytorial/Story Based Learning.

Scenario Based Learning

Our solutions on Scenario Based Learning can help equip your learners with capabilities to deal with complex situations. You’ve got to get them to weigh their options, evaluate the right choices, make the right decisions, and find their way out of the maze.

Story Based Learning

We offer a Story Based Learning approach for corporate training that creates higher retention and recall, leading to a memorable and sticky learning experience. This approach can act as a strategic learning tool in corporate training to meet specific learning outcomes.

Branching Simulations

If you want to look at an interactive strategy to engage your learners, then Branching Simulations is the right one. This strategy challenges learners, requires them to make decisions, and then understand the consequences of their actions. Based on the learner’s choices, the learning journey unfolds at each stage in the form of branches, thereby making learning interactions fun and engaging. We show you how to create effective decision making, branching scenarios to enhance the impact of your corporate trainings as well as improve your employee engagement quotient.

Migration of Legacy Courses to HTML5

With an increase in Mobile Learning, organizations now seek to convert their Flash courses to HTML5 to adapt to this change. With our years of expertise in Flash to HTML5 eLearning migration, we can help you achieve the desired return on your migration investment.

Prediction, Evaluation, and Validation of Learnability

Our robust foundation of Instructional Design offers learning methodologies that not only meet learners’ expectations but also create the required behavioral change the business requires. We have a unique learnability and learning effectiveness measurement framework that provides a predictive methodology to build learning effectiveness and efficacy into training, generates measurable parameters from factors that affect learnability, scientifically measures courses to diagnose issues that hamper learner performance and so on.

Social Learning

Our Social Learning strategy offers approaches to integrate collaborative learning in multiple ways. You can ensure quantifiable gains for both the employees as well as the business. We can help leverage your Social Learning strategy for corporate training by providing insights on which of your training needs will benefit from Social Learning; how our solution will create the required performance gain; how you can enhance the impact with the integration of approaches like Microlearning, Gamification, and Performance Support along with Social Learning and more.

Personalized eLearning

Our Personalized eLearning solutions enable learners to set their own learning paths and gain exactly what they need. We’ve got Personalized eLearning solutions to provide customized learning for learners that address their specific needs, provide them with greater control over the learning, help them manage the pace at which they learn, allow them to choose their learning path and learn what they want and more.


We offer high-quality, cost-effective eLearning Localization services for your learners that cut across geographies. Our service has established over 500+ hours of eLearning Localization in 31 languages! We can help you adopt the right strategy to customize and meet the expectations of your employees.

Building Experiences for Millennials

Our excellent learning strategy for Millennials in the workplace will make your corporate training more engaging by using Responsive Mobile Learning, giving Millennials the flexibility to learn on any device. We offer Microlearning in snackable bites to help them learn on the go and Social Learning to leverage on their social media addiction and facilitate collaborative learning. We also offer Gamification to engage and motivate them as well as a learning path-based approach designed to help them learn, practice, and take remediation and so on.

Learner Analytics and Reporting

Our Analytics framework enables plugging in the analytics into SCORM based courses to capture user data and store it in an LRS and report these analytics into the web interface. We use Kirkpatrick’s model of training evaluation to provide practical tips to measure the effectiveness of online training, leading to the ROI on your training spend.

Learning Portals

We have crafted several Learning Portals that include Induction and Onboarding, Employee engagement, Sales and Marketing Resource Center, Content curation and so on, for employee training. These Learning Portals for employee training offer multi-device support, learning assets in diverse formats, personalization and personalized learning paths, room for exploration and discovery and more.

Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) Expertise

We provide solutions that offer a custom learning path for audience cohorts to maximize the impact of the trainings. These learning paths have a plethora of learning elements – such as stakeholder maps, learner guides, videos, game based case studies with decision making and so on. Additionally, learners can record and share experiences through text and videos related to various topics in the learning modules.

LMS Expertise

We’ve been building Learning and Performance Support solutions for the last 18 years. Over this period, we’ve garnered a rich experience in handling some of the world’s best LMS platforms. Our LMS expertise includes Adobe Captivate Prime, Docebo, Administrate, Dokeos, SABA and many more. Our strong Tech Team can quickly pick up the required LMS expertise on the other LMS you may have. With our expertise on LMS, we can also help you maximize the usage of your existing LMS or help you create one.

Virtual Reality

We believe in harnessing the power of Virtual Reality in training and development to help learners experience, engage, and be inspired beyond the limitations of traditional learning methods. Our expertise in Virtual Reality for training and development can make your training more engaging by building VR experiences that work on mobiles, tablets, and desktops/laptops. We make learning VR-Ready by identifying the right situations and scenarios to be created or converted; identifying the right kind of experience to be built by determining the training needs and the audience size and more.

Content Curation

We give you our eLearning Content Curation services—an exercise to find, filter (group, organize), and share the most relevant content on specific topics and offer it to learners as an online tool or through a portal. Through our eLearning Content Curation services, you can help your learners find the most suitable content from different sources; filter it so that they only get to see content that’s relevant to them; share the content they’ve found at the right time through the right platform; and add value to that content with additional inputs, context, or commentary.

Why Partner with Us?

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    Innovation focus: Applied to our learning designs, processes, and collaboration—it keeps us ahead of competition.

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    Consultative approach: A strong Solution Architecting team pitches approaches and helps our customers pick the optimal approach to realize their vision of the online program.

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    AGILE practices: The flexible, AGILE approach enables an iterative development model that gets us the best collaboration between our multi-disciplinary teams and customers.

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    Mature development framework: Developing eLearning content across the world in a consistent, predictable manner and offering higher value to customers quarter on quarter.

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    Seamless communication and collaboration: With customers and teams around the world regardless of time zone barriers via a range of tools and a custom framework.

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    Quality is in our DNA: We have a CMMI L3 certification (for delivery quality) to ensure high-quality deliverables with an eye on customer delight.

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    Conformance to processes: We follow a stringent process conformance, ensuring a predictable experience. We have a strong risk assessment and risk mitigation methodology that keeps our projects on track.

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    Qualified team: We align the right people for the requirement. Our team takes pride in offering value and is passionate about making a difference in every engagement.

Track Record

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    17 Years’ expertise in building
    user-centered learning solutions.

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    24+ Countries

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    26+ Industry

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    10,500+ Hours of
    eLearning developed.

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    2,500+ Hours of Mobile
    Learning developed.

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    550+ Hours of Localization in
    31 languages developed.

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