Even though the full impact of COVID-19 on all of us, businesses, and the global economy is still unfolding, one thing is clear that it is leading toward a changed workplace and a changed world. However, disruption (even at this unprecedented scale) cannot faze us, and Team EI Design is fully geared to provide just-in-time support for L&D teams and business units.

Take a look at our ability to support you through the changed dynamics – from rapid development of remote or virtual learning solutions to how we provide a very high ROI on your available budgets.

Our solutions portfolio to address the current needs and long-term goals of
L&D teams and business units
Our services to meet the current, short-term goals of our customers: Through Rapid eLearning as well as Agile, Semi-custom eLearning solutions.
Virtual Training: In particular, take a look at our Virtual Training and virtual learning solutions that include:

Move ILT to VILT

Effect a gradual transitioning from a 100% in-person Instructor-Led Training model to one where instructors deliver a large component virtually (as VILT sessions), with some essential/critical elements offered as ILT.

Enrich and Enhance VILT

Expand and enhance learning experiences by using features of the VILT platform, such as simulation and gaming.
Additionally, support learners by:
  • Offering more pre and post training resources online.
  • Provide extended post session contact and collaboration via aspects such as virtual chat rooms, e-discussion boards, and virtual forums.

Repurpose VILT Sessions

Upon concluding a VILT session, offer pre-recorded modules (or selected components of it) to further revise, review, and reinforce learning objectives by:
  • Wrapping them around appropriate Intros, Outros, and Assessments to infuse greater learner engagement in your Virtual Training modules.
  • Using a SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems (LMS) to track these additional training elements and offer personalized feedback and support to your learners.

Deliver Blended Learning

Blend self-paced learning with aspects of VILT and repurposed VILT. Use this approach to give individual learners greater control over their learning paths (that is, self-paced) while still retaining a degree of influence on the overall training initiative (that is, through VILT/repurposed VILT).

Fully Self-paced Training

Leverage learning technologies, such as Mobile Learning, and adopt a variety of learning approaches, such as Macrolearning/Microlearning, to deliver targeted learning objectives.

  • Develop fully self-paced training using different approaches, including Rapid/Semi-custom/Fully custom approaches.
  • Make sure you feature different learning strategies, including customized learning plans, frequent progress check-ins, review and recall elements, and learning analytics-driven counseling and support.

We support the long-term goals of our customers

Through our fully custom, high-impact training, we continue to offer Learning and Performance Support solutions that are effective and create the “triad of value” by:

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    Offering sticky learning experiences.

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    Enabling effective application on the job.

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    Triggering behavioral change.

100% Remote Operations

Since inception, we have been working with this model – perfected over 18 years. It enables us to provide the complete value chain from “Discovery to Delivery.”

Our Remote Operations Model Leverages

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    Design Thinking

    that simulates an online workshop and whiteboards during the Discovery and Strategy phase.

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    Collaboration and Communication Tool

    for seamless support to SMEs and other stakeholders.

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    Online Project Development Tool

    that provides a real time view of the projects’ progress to our customers.

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    Online Review

    that can be used across various authoring tools.


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