Blended Learning solution – Mobile App for classroom training support


Sometimes, the best way to go about workforce training is through a blended approach integrating eLearning and traditional, classroom training.

This App we built could be installed on any Android or iOS Tablet and Smartphones, which the trainer can use to download the required material from any location once online. Trainers can use the app to host videos, download and share pdfs for printing and play ppts that could be projected on a screen. The App was localised in several languages and had a language selection option. Furthermore, administrators can add courses, access user analytics and get insights on interactions and send notifications to new learners, all while on the move.

This App framework:

  • Enables seamless integration with organisational training platforms
  • Provides learning at the time of need
  • Provides an intuitive Learning Path and tracking training on the go
  • Makes training a fun experience by not overloading users and provides greater Personalisation

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