ProductLine InSight

Our ProductLine “InSight” featuring Suite 1 for Instructional Designers was launched on June 30th’14.

The launch of InSight follows another milestone for EI Design.

EI Design is looking forward to what the next two years will be for the company. An expansion of its offerings, its outlook and increased customer base are all part of the excitement surrounding the ProductLine Insight. More than anything, we are looking forward to ensuring that our mission remains true, which is our determination to Energise Learning and pass on this energy and excitement to the learner through great products, like InSight.

Highlights of Suite 1 of 15 Courses for Instructional Designers

This suite of instructional design courses will run seamlessly on Tablets and PCs/Laptops and would be delivered through our LMS. These instructional design courses are designed to give learning professionals the tools to build a successful career. They can quickly learn to apply the training material on the job that would keep them ahead of others.

InSight Suite 1 of instructional design courses has been designed for a global audience of Instructional Designers with varied experience levels in online learning solutions design. InSight products target to bridge the gap between “theory” to “application”. Each course features a distinct learning design.

Suite #1 features three bands:

  • Theoretical facets of Instructional Design
  • Application of theory into practice
  • New and emerging trends in Instructional Design

To gain better understanding of each course and see a short preview; please explore this ProductLine OverviewInteractive pdf (ProductLine Insight-An Overview). It will walk you through why you should buy these courses and how will it add value to your proficiency.

These courses are also available on OpenSesame (leading global online repository) and Apple App store.

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Suite #2

As part of our ProductLine Insight initiative (off-the-shelf online courses), we are proud to launch generic compliance courses. This is our second InSight offering, comprising of 10 courses.

The first phase of Suite 2 (comprising four courses) is was launched on February 4, 2015 on OpenSesame. The second phase (featuring six courses) will be launched in March, 2015.

This suite is backed by our decade-plus expertise of servicing varied compliance requirements of our customers worldwide. Our customers cut across industries such as finance, insurance, automotive, IT products and healthcare.

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