Performance Support Solutions

Innovative Performance Support Solutions

The addition of performance support solutions to our service offerings provides “Just-In-Time” informal learning aids to learners. Along with the formal learning solutions (eLearning, mLearning, blended or Instructor led training), this is an integral part of our complete learning and performance ecosystem solution.

  • This is a logical extension to our core services (mLearning, eLearning and blended learning solutions) to provide the required support to the learners before and after the online training. (Knowledge acquisition)
  • Our focus is on providing these “just-in-time” learning aids that help learners prepare for the online training or more significantly, use them for remediation/re-inforcement post the online training. (Application and maintenance of knowledge)

Our performance support solutions will enable learners learn exactly when they need it. The information is made available in engaging and immersive formats leading to a “sticky” learning experience. Our extensive range of innovative performance support solutions include:

  1. Mobile apps
  2. Interactive PDFs
  3. Innovative presentations and learning aids (using Prezi as a development tool)
  4. Enhanced webcasts
  5. Podcasts

Our design philosophy (learner centricity of our designs that are distinctive and truly engage the learner irrespective of the tool or changing technology) and our focus on innovation enables us to provide unique value to each one of our performance support solutions.

  • We have unique blueprints to distinguish our approach to create each of these learning aids.
  • We offer knowledge audit services to review and mine the existing information and then provide innovative enhancements through our blueprints of performance support solutions.

We draw inspiration from Dr Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher’s, Five Distinct Moments of Need©. These moments are:

  1. When learning for the first time
  2. When wanting to learn more
  3. When trying to apply/remember
  4. When something goes wrong
  5. When something changes

We are using this framework to extend the formal training (eLearning, mLearning or blended) to plug-in the just-in-time learning needs (particularly in stages 3-5 as stages 1-2 are aligned for online training). Our innovatively designed learning aids provide the right ammunition to the learners to meet the learning challenges they face.

Given the learner centricity of our approach and a strong spirit of innovation; we are fully geared to craft unique solutions in this space. Do contact us to partner with you to craft your performance support strategy.