Custom Content Development Services

Rapid eLearning, Content Development  Services

EI Design’s custom content development services include learning and visual architecture definition, instructional design, content creation and subject matter expert (SME) services.

Within our learning architecture definition and instructional design services, we analyse the content provided by the customer in order to see how the materials can be adapted to the new media of eLearning as well as mLearning.

Where the content provided is insufficient or not effectively adaptable to the new formats, our eLearning content development team has the proficiency to create visually and linguistically appealing content for your new courses. Our internal writing and design skills are supplemented by the input of SMEs, including academicians, who are knowledgeable about the specific domain as well as new learning methodology. Importantly, the customer’s input is utilised every step of the way.

Rapid eLearning

We take pride in providing our customers with the highest efficiency in rapid eLearning development services.

The following process is followed to allow for fast turnaround on every project:

  • A PowerPoint or other presentation file is provided by the customer
  • Narration to accompany the slides is recorded by the customer or at our studio
  • Tests, quizzes and learning enhancement features are developed to supplement the presentation
  • Files are reworked into one of the eLearning standards and uploaded to a learning management system
  • Cross-platform testing is carried out and any revealed issues are eliminated
  • The new course is launched

Two approaches are taken when building your rapid eLearning solution:

  • Development using Articulate Studio ’09 (standard and custom skin), Snap! by Lectora (Trivantis Corporation) and other popular tools for swift and efficient eLearning roll-outs
  • Use of our cutting-edge Flash development framework to provide interactivity levels developed specifically for custom eLearning courses

On average, the development of a rapid eLearning course takes just over 30 hours to complete from the time the presentation and narration files are finalised. For rapid learning courses that include Flash, additional time is required.