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Our workflow is based on a model that keeps the customer engaged in the project at every stage:

Arrow Stage 1 – Initiation and planning: The needs and requirements are put together and mapped to the approaches and solutions available.

Arrow Stage 2 – Development and implementation: The solutions realised by our team are presented to the customer for review and feedback.

  • Stage 3 – Deployment: At this stage, the new course or test is put into a working format across a wide array of devices and platforms
  • Stage 4 – Training effectiveness measurement: This is the final phase when the learning initiative is evaluated and changes are made as needed.

While initially we conducted only custom eLearning course development, today our rich scope of services includes:

  • Localisation

  • 3D Services

  • LMS Related

  • Stand-Alone
    QA & Testing

The list above is not exhaustive. EI Design’s scope is constantly expanding as we continue to focus on development and keep abreast of new technology.