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How to make responsive delivery on mobile effective?

Erika is a project manager in an eLearning company. Her client, Jenny, contactsherfor a compliance course that should be accessible not only from office laptops and desktops but also from mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. Jenny informsErika that this requirement has come up recently as hercompany has adopted the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) methodology. Jenny also cautions her that other vendors have failed to deliver courses and meet their expectations. Erika is clueless about this new requirement from Jenny as she has been doing courses that are compatible withdesktops and laptops only.
What exactly is the requirement of Jenny if it can be described in one or two words?
As per the new trendsin theeLearning industry, it is the “responsive course” that Jenny wants Erika to create.
Let us learn more about responsive courses.
What do you mean by a responsive course?
It means that the various elements in a course respond or adapt according to the screen resolution of different devices such as laptops, desktops and smartphones. In other words, a single version of the course provides the same experience when viewed in different devices.
Why responsive courses?
After the invention of personal devices like smartphones and iPads, people have started using them extensively. These devices are now part and parcel of life for everyone – whether on flight or in offices. Therefore, organisations and institutions alike have tapped this opportunity to utilisethese devices for learning and training purposes. This is why there is an increasing demand for responsive courses.
How can you deliver a responsive course effectively?
You can do so if you intelligently apply these pointers:

  • Be smart in choosing a tool that is responsive, like HTML5 and Lectora Inspiring
  • Do not use grahics or images with minute details
  • Keep videos in your course short and small in size
  • Think twice before integrating audio as syncing is a challenge in smartphones and iPads
  • Avoid heavy content and choose a clear, readable font
  • Choose interactive elements wisely aspersonal devices do not have the click functionality

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