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How to integrate mobile learning/BYOD to your training?

Let us consider this scenario.
Brian, a sales manager in an IT company, travels a lot as part of his job. He meets his customers very frequently to sell his company products. He often has to rush to meet the customers directly from the airport. During meetings, customers often ask him about the specific features of the products. Brian is stuck in such situations as he doesnot have every detail with him.
What do you think willhelp Brian?
If Brian has important and relevant information in easy-to-access devices like smartphones and iPads, he can answer customer queries without the need to refer to his laptop or back office personnel.
Accessing a personal device such as a smartphone or a mobile device to learn or know more about information is termed as mobile learning.
Let us see more about mobile learning.
What is mobile learning?
Is it taking courses or reading long presentations in a mobile phone?No, it is not. It is learning in the form of short and concise forms of informationusing personal devices.This could be applied to the business context if organizations have the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. We will look at BYOD a little later.
Why will you go for mLearning?
You can optfor mobile learning if:

  • Your employees work remotely most of the time, for example sales executives
  • You are clear that mLearning will add value toyour organisation and not just act as a replacement of the existing eLearning
  • You can tackle the challenges of required responsiveness to the number of devices, platforms, and screen resolutions
  • You want to enable your employees to access the tips and best practices anytime, anywhere and at their own pace

Let us look at the concept of BYOD, which allows you to integrate mLearning in business trainings.
What is BYOD?
Unlike in a strict business environment where employees are not allowed to use personal devices, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy allows employees to use personal devices such as mobile, tablets and laptops at work. As a result of this, many employees use one or the other devices at work. Keeping this change in mind, the companies have decided to use these devices for training purposes. Since these devices can be used for training solutions in business settings because of the BYOD policy, such learning is widely known as BYOD.


  • Save Money

Organisationssave money by using the employees’ personal devices as the medium of training delivery. Organisationsdo not have to spend more to:

  • Buy dedicated devices for the employees
  • Buy the internet data plans for these devices
  • Maintain and repair them
  • More effective

Most of the employees are reluctant to spare time for trainings from the tight schedule of their jobs. Even if they take the training, they do it for the sake of completing the mandatory trainings. They are more happy and enthusiastic to take up the training:

  • At their own pace
  • From anywhere in the world
  • At their own way
  • At any time of the year without a pre-booked timing, office device and place

When they do this willingly and happily, the trainings become more effective.

  • More comfortablefor employees


Employees use their personal devices day-in and day-out. Enabling employees to access the training from their own devices makes it more handy and comfortable for employees. They do not have to stick to the office-issued desktops or laptops at a specified time.

How can you integrate mLearning in your training?

  • Integrate as a performance support solution

You can integrate mLearning as a performance support solution (just-in-time) where employees can access the right information at the right time. This will help them in performing better making their customers happy.

  • Integrate to motivate the end-users

You can integrate mLearning as a way to motivate the employees by creating an informal environment of learning, allowing them to learn outside offices and classes. When allowed to use their own devices, they feel comfortable to take up the learning anytime, anywhere and at their own pace and will.

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