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Gamification – Account Management Fundamentals

EI Design Account Management Fundamantals

While Gamification has been applied in several domains, our focus has been on its application in learning. The games that we design are therefore geared to meet definite learning outcomes and our Gamification strategies broadly map to:

  • Tasks or concepts that are overlaid on the learning content but are not related to the content
  • Contextual tasks or concepts that are overlaid on the learning content
  • Partial gamification (notably in inline checks and end of course assessments)

This demo features the first strategy we used to teach Account Management Fundamentals to our Project Managers using an Avatar-based Gamification approach. The highlights of this approach were:

  • Creation of different learner paths and alignment of the learning and Gamification path to the proficiency of learners
  • Presentation of a mix of questions (mapping to four challenges) in each path (mapping to real life challenges commensurate with the proficiency level of the learners)
  • Non-availability of theoretical learning aids (lifeline) for higher proficiency learners to make the challenge tougher (The complexity and the nature of the challenges posed to the learners tested their cognitive proficiency to tackle the situation at hand, thereby resulting in immersive learning.)
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