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Newsletter Jun2016 | MicroLearning eBook

EI Design NewsLetter Jun 2016

eBook – Why You Should Adopt MicroLearning Based Training


I hope you found the examples of How to use MicroLearning-based training effectively I sent out earlier this month beneficial. This time I have something better on offer – an eBook on MicroLearning!

Why You Should Adopt MicroLearning Based Training

A Comprehensive Guide to Why You Should Adopt MicroLearning Based Training

This eBook covers:

  • 10 Benefits of MicroLearning
  • 5 Killer examples of MicroLearning
  • How to use MicroLearning in formal and informal training

Download eBook

That’s not all. Get wiser on How You Can Use Interactive Videos For MicroLearning Based Training and learn the ropes of crafting an effective interactive video-based MicroLearning solution.

All the best,

Dhananjay G, CEO
EI Design Team

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