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Over a decade’s experience in providing instructional design services and bespoke learning solutions has enabled us create these exciting off-the-shelf courses. Designed to quickly and efficiently meet learning needs, our InSight product can also be completely customised and branded for your organisation.

Covering a range of topics of interest, our ProductLine “InSight” makes learning easier, faster and more effective. These online courses are designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Learners are engaged through immersive learning designs involving a mix of scenarios, storytorials (story-based approaches), interactive videos and gamification. For convenient access, the courses run seamlessly on tablets and PCs/laptops and can be deployed on any customer LMS.

We have launched an interactive eBook titled ‘Creative Instructional Design Featuring 7 Learning Strategies you can use’. The eBook authored by Asha Pandey, our CMD and Chief Learning Strategist would teach the aspiring Instructional Designers how to bridge the gap between “Theory to Application” in Instructional Design. The learning aid that could give the aspirants multiple learning strategies in a format that could help to evaluate, compare and apply is available for free download.

Suite 1 : e-Learning Instructional Design

From novices to experts looking for a refresh, Instructional Designers around the world are taking advantage of these courses.

  • The suite comprises 15 online courses that provide E-learning Instructional Designers with the tools they need to build a successful career and master the know-how of online learning design.
  • From theory to practice, the suite features three bands:
    • Theoretical facets of Instructional Design
    • Application of theory into practice
    • New and emerging trends in Instructional Design
  • Online instructional design courses are available and also on Apple App Store
  • View Suite 1 Course Catalogue
  • View Demo of an example

The course caters to:

  • Professionals employed in creation or delivery of online training
  • Be used as non-curriculum supplements for online universities
  • Certification courses for learning professionals


  • The theory is supplemented by scenarios, examples and case studies to enable an easy application in the learner’s work environment.
  • Each module features interactive knowledge checks focused on testing Application level cognition. The end of module assessments help learners validate their learning through challenging questions (simulating real, work-life challenges).
  • The learners are also equipped with strategies, tips and best practices that can be readily applied at work.

Suite 2 : Compliance Matters

Compliance courses often involve dry concepts such as knowing a set of guidelines or dos and don’ts. The typical approach is read-through/click-through information followed by a quiz, without any ingredients to excite the learner. This affects learnability and eventually results in lesser or no retention of learning. We have infused life into both the content and process so you can expect and get more from your compliance courses.

  • This suite contains 10 courses that provide the best practices your people need in compliance:
    1. Introduction to the Code of Conduct
    2. Financial Integrity
    3. Combating Bribery in Business
    4. Competition Law
    5. Healthy and Safe Work Environment
    6. Conflicts of Interest in the Workplace
    7. Respect in the Workplace
    8. Whistleblowing and Acting in Good Faith
    9. Protecting Company Assets
    10. Best Practices in Data Protection
  • The courses are backed by our decade-plus expertise in servicing the varied compliance requirements of our customers worldwide (across finance, insurance, automation, IT products and healthcare).
  • Through immersive learning, we make the “dos and don’ts” exciting for increased knowledge retention and a better ROI for customers.
  • Available at
  • View Suite 2 Course Catalogue
  • View Demo of an example

Read More [about Suite 2]

  • A Course Apart: Personal, Relatable and Not “Preachy”

    Our learning strategy is to save the learners the “preachy” learning experience by enabling them understand “why” it is important for them to comply.

    • Our learning strategy emphasises real-life scenarios, examples and exercises featuring “choose the right path” and inline checks in interesting formats.
    • We help learners relate to these examples and scenarios and understand how to handle dilemmas.
    • We provide tips, best practices and other useful information from domain experts.
    • This mix of theory and application serves our purpose of turning knowledge acquisition to application, helping the customer achieve ROI.
  • Flexible options: quick customisation and localisation
    • These off-the-shelf courses can also be quickly customised to suit an organisation’s specific mandate. We factored in this option during concept design, identifying screens for potential customisation. The current product is flexible as well as scalable.
    • We provide a quick localisation option of translating these courses into key global languages (26 to choose from) within a week of the order from the customer.
  • Value-Adds:Supporting Performance on the Job
    • Our performance support tools help learners not just know about but also act in compliance on the job
Take your learning and performance strategy global and multi-platform with EI Design. Let us know your needs and get a quote.

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