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Change starts at the management level and we provide the support you need to inspire your team. Communication and awareness are the key elements of company-wide cooperation when changes occur in the workplace.

An effective communication strategy is critical in all aspects of your business, especially during times of change. We understand the importance of communication and use this knowledge to help you and your organisation succeed.

The tools and materials you use to communicate with your team are an extension of your brand and need all the care and consideration you give to communications for your clients and vendors.

When changes occur, such as an organisation adopting a new learning strategy, management style, technology or buyout, communication is critical. Employees must feel as though they are part of the decision making process and be fully engaged and informed as the changes take place. What better way to motivate and inspire than to have the tools to communicate clearly and effectively?

Our e-learning support services and solutions include the tools you need to enhance communication through all levels of your organisation. Our versatile team of e-learning solutions designers and content writers,can create effective communication material to create the right impression on your employees about the organisation and positive awareness on training roll-outs.

To meet these specific needs for communication and handling change management, we design:

  • Flyers
  • eMailers
  • Posters
  • Short animations/videos
  • Banner-ads
  • Brand identities for internal training initiatives
  • Marketing websites or specific micro-sites for a given initiative
Take your learning and performance strategy global and multi-platform with EI Design. Let us know your needs and get a quote.

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