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m-Learning or Mobile Learning Solutions

With mobile/smartphone/tablet technology taking giant strides in all spheres, including education and learning, we have formed a focus group dedicated specifically to develop m-Learning or Mobile Learning Solutions. The group includes solution architects and experts from such  domains as Instructional Design, Visual Design and Technology.

Together, the group has vast experience with the following learning design authoring tools that support HTML5 output:

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Trivantis Lectora Inspire

We have successfully completed more than 350 hours of mobile learning using customised framework based on Flash CS6 and Create JS.

m-Learning Services

Our m-Learning or Mobile Learning Solutions include migration of legacy courses to HTML5, custom and rapid mobile learning. The focus group provides input throughout the initiation, planning and implementation stages of each project. Within the initiation and planning stage of each learning design project, our team:

  • Assists you in creating an m-Learning adoption business case
  • Helps create a blueprint of m-Learning implementation
  • Determines whether rapid or custom m-Learning is in order
  • Validates your organisation’s readiness for m-Learning
  • Works with you to identify the content most suitable for m-Learning
  • Defines the learning strategy
  • Migrates your existing Flash courses to HTML5, which includes re-design as needed

We appreciate that a customer may be interested in tracking the project progress and providing valuable inputs. That is why the customer has full access to the project workflow and open communication with the team members working on the project. We take pride in creating a collaborative and transparent working relationship.

Mobile Learning Implementation

According to Wikipedia, the majority of work-based learning happens on the job, often at the moment of need. Because of this, m-Learning is being used in a wider range of modes:

  • On the job training for someone who accesses training on a mobile device
  • Just-in-time training to solve a problem or gain an update
  • Performance support – immediate access to tools to streamline a work/task
  • Reference guides and ebooks
  • Checklists

Always on the cutting edge of custom learning solutions, we have responded with a strong implementation plan to transition your custom eLearning solutions to mobile learning.
The implementation stage follows the initiation and planning stage of learning design development. This stage includes:

  • Selection of the right tools needed to develop the m-Learning components
  • Creation of the courses with a single-build multi-device support
  • Formation of a transition plan for the material brought over from traditional eLearning to the m-Learning format
  • Testing of the courses across numerous platforms, screen resolutions and devices

Our team of professionals in Bangalore, India, provides consistent opportunities for customer input throughout this and all other stages of the workflow process.

At the end of the implementation process, your team has access to rapid m-Learning solutions that have been customised for smartphones, tablets and other hand-held media devices. Your employees get the benefit of training on a flexible scheduleYour employees get the benefit of training on a flexible schedule – they can easily work on their training throughout the course of their day, thanks to easy and instant access to their courses.

Take your learning and performance strategy global and multi-platform with EI Design. Let us know your needs and get a quote.

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