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eLearning & Mobile Learning Development Solutions

We specialise in catering to all learning styles and we do this in a fun, engaging way. Apart from offering eLearning and mLearning for learners when and where it is most convenient for them, Our eLearning Development Solutions also includes blended learning, migration of legacy courses into html5, localisation and more for effective and creative learning solutions.


With over 5,800 hours of eLearning developed, you can count on us to provide efficient elearning solutions to elevate your existing content to engaging online courses.

  • For custom content development, we ensure we get the content right by working closely with you and getting inputs where needed from subject matter experts, including academicians knowledgeable in the domain.
  • Our cutting-edge Bespoke elearning development framework helps us quickly provide the interactivity level appropriate for your course.
  • Our eLearning content development team has the proficiency to create visually and linguistically appealing content for your new courses.
  • Our rapid eLearning developmen solutions can turn your provided PowerPoint into an online course with recorded narration, quizzes, tests and enhancement features in a record time. Our rapid eLearning solutions are always in step with the most recent developments in technology and customer needs.


Make sure your material is understood across your global employee/customer base.

We have developed more than 350 hours of eLearning localisation in 26 global languages for our customers in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

We have put together an experienced eLearning localisation development team to deal with localisation and internationalisation needs efficiently, we can help you reach your market through our efficient process:

  1. Assess the business requirements for localisation or internationalisation
  2. Customise the strategy for the particular customer or project
  3. Translate the content
  4. Provide the linguistic review of the translated course and course development in each required language
  5. Conduct audio recording in the respective languages
  6. Extensive editing, proofreading and testing to ensure that the localisation/internationalisation effort is successful

Our course framework is built with the XML approach, which supports:

  1. Multi-language SCO (single content integrated with language selection)
  2. Content support for multi-device delivery (including tablets/smartphones)

These steps are followed by extensive editing, proofreading and testing to ensure that the localisation/internationalisation effort is successful.


Times change and so should your strategies. Flash-based development was once a rage but with growing demand for mobile learning, it is gradually taking a backseat. Flash courses do not work on most mobile devices. It’s time you migrate your legacy Flash courses to a multi-device compatible technology like HTML5.

With migration to HTML5, you can give your learners the luxury of greater flexibility and give them a better learning experience compared to legacy courses. HTML5 is compatible with all devices (including Tablets and Smartphones). The latest browsers support HTML5 so you can have your mobile-compatible courses run on Desktops and Laptops as well. In other words, you can give the learners the flexibility to experience learning from a single build seamlessly across all devices.

Here’s how we can help you:

We give you two design options to choose from:

  1. Adaptive: These are multi-device custom mobile learning solutions that are compatible with PCs, Laptops and Tablets.
  2. Responsive: These are multi-device custom mobile learning solutions that are compatible with PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

Several tool options are available today for rapid development (Articulate Studio 13, iSpring, Adapt, and so on) as well as standard mobile learning authoring tools (Adobe CS6 with CreateJS, Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora, Articulate Storyline and so on). We’ll listen to you to understand your requirements and suggest the right tool to save you the trouble and selection dilemma. So get in touch with us now!


Tap into the convenience of mobile learning (mLearning). Our innovations in mobile learning solutions make it easy for your team to access learning options anytime, anywhere.
We provide:

  • Multi-device support including PCs and Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Migration and re-design of existing/legacy courses to HTML 5 format
  • Apps development

Our mobile learning solutions include both Adaptive and Responsive frameworks.

  • Adaptive frameworks can be used for PC and Tablet delivery.
  • With our Adaptive Plus framework, we can extend the deliveries to Smartphone as well.
  • Responsive frameworks can be used for PC, Tablet and Smartphone delivery.

The courses are designed with standard learning interactions through overview, objectives, click and learn information, knowledge checks and final quiz. These courses are built with features for mLearning delivery with touch-based interactions, swipe, pinch and zoom on Tablets/Smartphones.

Blended Learning

Often, a stand-alone classroom training or eLearning course is not always the answer for effective delivery. A good blend of both is an optimal way for the overall program delivery.

We offer these value-adds that provide the right mix to create a better learning experience for the learners:

  1. Classroom/Virtual training solutions: We work with your team to analyse the training needs, learner needs, level of understanding, business mandates, current competencies, future goals to be accomplished and mode of delivery. Accordingly, we propose the right solution to accomplish the business objectives.
  2. Innovative ILT assets: We offer a wide array of materials for Face to Face (F2F) sessions. Our repertoire has Manager-led coaching sessions, peer-to-peer coaching materials, Interactive PPTs to conduct management games, Learning circles/sessions and so on.
  3. Performance Support intervention: We offer wide ranging online Performance Support Tools (just-in-time learning aids) to enable learners apply the learning acquired in classroom/online to their job.
  4. Enhancement of ILT/VILT: We convert/enhance “text only” ILT/VILT material into a visually rich and engaging training material combined with the right set of activities. These activities involve quizzes, role plays, group discussions, paired activities, fun exercises and so on.
  5. Integrated Assessment strategy (including Gamification): We work with Subject Matter Experts to arrive at an assessment strategy that covers both classroom as well as online pieces of the overall program. Given the requirement, we can design the assessment strategy right up to Cognition level 4 (Analysis). We provide interesting assessment formats that could include simple or complex branching simulations or gamification.


Take your learning and performance strategy global and multi-platform with EI Design. Let us know your needs and get a quote.

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