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Learning Design Solutions

We know each person has a different learning style. Some are visual, some are auditory and some are tactile. We specialise in catering to all learning styles and we do this in a fun, engaging way.

Apart from offering eLearning and mLearning for learners when and where it is most convenient for them, we also offer blended learning to elevate already-established curricula.

The use of storytorials/story-based learning, scenarios (simple or featuring complex branching), gamification and interactive videos are some of the approaches that make each course interactive and easy to retain.

Explore this section to see why companies all over the world turn to us for effective and creative learning solutions.


InSight ProductLine

Our off-the-shelf online courses provide immersive and effective learning on

  • Suite 1 – Instructional Design
  • Suite 2 – Compliance Matters
  • Innovative Strategies

    The key components of our learner-centric approach that guide our learning design strategy are:

    • Learners must face challenges
    • They must make decisions
    • They must be able to explore
    • They should be allowed to make mistakes in safe  environment
    • Finally, they must have fun
    We use the following fundamentals of Adult Learning in our learning design:

    • Adult learners like a sense of control over their learning
    • Adult learners bring their prior experience to the course and we use it to build upon
    • Adult learners need to have a goal to work towards
    • Adult learners like to apply their knowledge in practical ways

    Learning Support Services

    Change starts at the management level and we provide the support you need to inspire your team. Communication and awareness are the key elements of company-wide cooperation when changes occur in the workplace.


    Learning and Performance Ecosystem

    Encouraging and enacting change in the workplace has its challenges. We help you overcome these with our Learning and Performance Support Ecosystems.

    Our focus is based on an understanding of the accepted theory for learning, training and performance support and we can help you:

    • Expand your options from formal training and consider your learning strategy in terms of a learning and performance ecosystem
    • Tap into where learning happens and include options for knowledge application in the workplace
    • Tap into the key moments of learning need
    Take your learning and performance strategy global and multi-platform with EI Design. Let us know your needs and get a quote.

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