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Our Competency lab on Learnability and Learner-centric eLearning designs

Our entire effort is directed towards creating the right learning experience in elearning design and in Jan’15, we set up a Competency lab to research on facets that impact learnables or learnability.

We believe that we will be amongst few in the global learning and performance solutions to offer a framework that will provide guidelines on how to convert the user experience to learnability.

This framework will help bridge the gap between learner and business goals to assess the learnables and its impact on business on account of application of learning.

Feeders for our Competency Lab on learnable and learner-centric elearning design

  • Innovation and Exploration team
    • Research on tools, technologies and trends
  • Multi-domain Team and Expertise
    • Creative Instructional design solutions: storytelling, gamification, simulation, case-based learning, guided discovery, character-driven approach (panel discussion) and Q&A approach
    • Illustration and conceptualisation skills
    • Specialisations in: web technologies, video editing, 3D design
    • User Experience / User centred design expertise
    • All round skills
    • Technology experts


We have identified LEARNABILITY as the distinctive attribute that defines the level of satisfaction that a learner gains from a training/learning solution, which in turn provides parameters that help in generating ROI of training.

In the learning solutions domain LEARNABILITY can be defined as to how easily and efficiently a learner can retain the learning objectives laid out at the beginning of the course and apply it on the job.Take a look at our ProductLine “InSight -online courses on instructional design and compliance matters designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice making learning easier, faster and more effective.

So it is fair to infer that learnability is positively or negatively impacted by a concoction of instructional design to address the training needs and a user centred design approach to address learner needs and behaviours.

Take your learning and performance strategy global and multi-platform with EI Design. Let us know your needs and get a quote.

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