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Learning Design and Solution Architecting

Exploration, innovation and discovery will forever drive the breaking-new-ground phenomenon. We are explorers and innovators in the world of learning design and we constantly discover, create and refine learning solutions for you. From the initial consultation to the aftercare, each step of your journey with us will exceed expectations.

Strategic Learning Design Consultation Services

We offer a wide range of strategic consulting services to help you with your learning strategy. These services are available to businesses and organisations looking to expand their training and educational efforts into the online sphere and into performance support (just-in-time solutions).

Our team will guide you and assist you in finding the best solutions for your specific needs. As part of these services, we:

  • Review and analyse the organisation’s existing content to support learning and drive performance
  • Develop a learning and performance strategy aligned and integrated with the organisation’s business and learning objectives
  • Select the best content development approach to deliver training and performance support to employees in the most cost-effective way (eLearning, mLearning or blended learning)
  • Assess the organisation’s online learning readiness
  • Advise on Learning Management System (LMS) adoption and integration
  • Define the online strategy roll-out process
  • Create the online learning and performance evaluation metrics

Meeting the Needs of the Adult Learner

For successful learning, we understand that people must be given opportunities to face challenges, make decisions, explore, make mistakes in a safe environment and ultimately have fun.

  • We apply the fundamentals of adult learning to our design solutions. To facilitate learning in the workplace, we provide Learning Hubs tailored to your people’s needs to give them a sense of control over their own learning.
  • We give learners a space to use prior knowledge, provide them with a goal to work towards and give them opportunities to apply their knowledge in practical ways.
  • We support on-the-job application of knowledge through performance support aids.

Count on us to design immersive, fun experiences that help you meet the needs in your learning and performance strategy .


Powerful fun

We use the power of games to deliver specific learning outcomes in your learning and performance strategy. Gamification can help your people learn key tasks or concepts in a safe environment. It can also be part of inline checks and end-of-course assessments.


Compelling angles

We provide an immersive learning experience to help your team achieve specific learning outcomes for your learning and performance strategy. Story-based tutorials combine the principles of Instructional Design with the compelling power of a story.

Scenario – based learning

Safe practice

We can give your team a way to build critical thinking skills and develop expertise in tasks that are unsafe or infrequent in the workplace. Learners practice cognitive skills as they work through a real-life scenario or problem to achieve their goals.

Interactive videos

Exciting learning

We can make you see videos in a whole new light. Imagine a video with all the interactivity and links to content embedded within – a place where you get a truly interactive and self-contained learning experience.

Our Solutions Architecting and Learning Design Team

At the heart of our awe-inspiring products and solutions lie the efforts of our Solutions Architecting and learning design team. Meet the team who make it happen for clients like you.

With a wealth of 29 years of experience in Information Technology, 15 of them in eLearning alone, Asha strives to energise the company’s work environment day in and day out. Heading the Instructional Design and Business Development units, she shepherds the team in creating engaging and innovative learning experiences for customers. She is known as a Thought Leader in the learning solutions industry for her diligent research and contribution to innovative concepts.
Groomed with a killer instinct and never-give-up attitude in exploration and project execution, Subramani drives the Operations and ensures smooth execution of projects on floor. With more than a decade’s experience in eLearning, his wisdom and guidance play a pivotal role in delivering the best solutions to our customers.
A certified Usability Analyst from HFI with 10 years of eLearning experience, Anirban has been setting distinctive paths by strategising, planning, providing creative guidance and mentoring the Visual Design team to excel in whatever they do.
A designer-turned-Program Manager with 10 years of eLearning experience, Vishnu has been a constant motivator for the entire team. He is a role model for his attention to detail and conviction to exceed customer expectations.

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