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Our Engagement Model

To get the most out of learning, learners need to enjoy the process, retain their lessons and apply what they have learned on the job. Our engagement model provides what you need to analyse and discover which learning solutions will do this for your team. We know each situation is unique, which is why our engagement tools provide precise ways to discover what will work best for your team.

Solutions Architecting

Our team provides effective solutions so that your people can learn, challenge themselves and apply the training in a safe environment.


Did you know there are Five Distinct Moments of Need when it comes to learning? Did you also know that mobile devices have been a game changer, not just for communication but also for how we learn and interact? We have always formed strategies around global cues, which is why we are so successful in e learning and m learning development processes and learning delivery methods in the ever-evolving world of learning solutions.

Tool Expertise

We know our trade well and the tools that go into making the whole learning experience stand out. From HTML5 to Claro, animation to Flash, Adobe to Mohive – we have an enviable toolbox comprising cutting-edge products and we wield each tool with expert precision.

Take your learning and performance strategy global and multi-platform with EI Design. Let us know your needs and get a quote.

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