Working on Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Let us look at a scenario.
A leading multi-national company is experiencing a shortfall of revenueand decreasing marginson its products.Its market share has slipped, much to the dismay of its CEO James. To counter the aggressive competition, James wants to launch a slew of new products so that the company can bounce back from the lossesof the last few years. To do so, the sales force needs to be trained on the new products and new ways of selling them.

How to integrate mobile learning/BYOD to your training?

Let us consider this scenario.
Brian, a sales manager in an IT company, travels a lot as part of his job. He meets his customers very frequently to sell his company products. He often has to rush to meet the customers directly from the airport. During meetings, customers often ask him about the specific features of the products. Brian is stuck in such situations as he doesnot have every detail with him.
What do you think willhelp Brian?

How to make responsive delivery on mobile effective?

Erika is a project manager in an eLearning company. Her client, Jenny, contactsherfor a compliance course that should be accessible not only from office laptops and desktops but also from mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. Jenny informsErika that this requirement has come up recently as hercompany has adopted the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) methodology. Jenny also cautions her that other vendors have failed to deliver courses and meet their expectations. Erika is clueless about this new requirement from Jenny as she has been doing courses that are compatible withdesktops and laptops only.

Effective Learning Strategies

Jim is an L&D head of a highly reputed international bank. He contacts Billy, an Instructional Design manager in a global eLearning company, with a requirement to create a refresher course on Anti-Money Laundering to train all the existing bank employees. This requirement has been triggered by a money laundering case identified by a bank supervisor while auditing a team member’s work. Upon enquiry, Jim informs Billy that most employees are young and below 35 years of age. To create this course, Jim provides adequate source materials including various real-life scenarios. Jim also has budgets approved for creating this coursewith an expectation that the course would be engaging and fruitful this time.Jim also wants the course to be createdin three weeks so that he can roll it out in all the branch offices by the fourth week. Jim is also happy to use FlashMacromedia to create this course for a better visual impact.


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